Oh Snap, It's Almost October!

Pumpkins, caramel apples, and cornstalks!  Oh my!

The month of all things autumn and holiday-themed is 15 days away my friends!  In honor of that,  I am linking up with my blogger buddies from Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals to provide a selection of resources you'll want to use in your classroom!  Please pour yourself a glass of apple cider, hot cocoa, or flavored coffee, and settle back to peruse my October products! 

Be sure to drop what you'd like in your TpT cart but WAIT to purchase them!   They'll all be discounted 20% in honor of the FALL INTO SAVINGS SALE I'm participating in!  It starts Friday, September 18th and runs through Sunday, Sept. 20th, so mark your calendar!  Remember to take time to leave feedback on your prior purchases before you checkout, so that you can use the credits you've earned!  Also, watch for notices about the event on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds!

I've highlighted "four from my store" below that you might find useful as
the fall season gets underway.  I've got some new resources "in the works," 
and hope to complete them soon, but have been a little swamped at school lately.  

Does anyone else wish that weekends had an extra day--
one for fun, one for school work, and one for being creative?  I could also
use an extra day for running errands and completing household chores!
Know that I am definitely over here raising my hand for a big YES vote!
This meme certainly sums it up.....

Anyways, here's a preview of a few favorite literacy and math activity packs that  I made 
Be sure to click on the button below to check out these other TpT stores for more resources to help you work smarter, not harder in October!

 Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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