Meet Sadie Mae

They say that every good teacher-author needs a trusty sidekick...
and I am just that!  

Jen adopted me from the Toledo Humane Society right before Christmas 2018, and we have been a dynamic duo ever since.  It was my job to lay quietly beside her this winter and spring as she recovered from her second and third rounds of chemo, and to take walks with her this summer as her immune system re-set after her stem cell transplant.  She often smiles at me and asks....
Who rescued who?

I also provide hours of amusing entertainment for her when I flip, flop, and pounce on my favorite stuffed squeaky toys, and my head rests on her knee while she writes blog posts or creates lesson plans to help her striving readers.  My favorite time with her is sharing a porch chair and watching the world go by each morning as she sips her coffee.

Our good friend Bethany from Bricks and Borders created this special set of avatars just for me so that I can help Mom share her story with you!  They are just the cutest.....if  I do say so myself!




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With a happy wag and a woof,

Miss Sadie Mae

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