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Our students these days do every single one of these actions or movements, right?  Our classrooms are full of kinesthetic learners--children who learn best when receiving sensory input.  Children whose memories retain information better when they've learned it through a hands-on activity.  Children who simply cannot keep their bodies calm and quiet when it is time to listen with their ears, watch with their eyes, and learn with their brain.

My crew in Room #2 this year is a lively and large bunch of 28 eager students who need sensory input to stay focused and finish tasks.  Thank goodness for outdoor recess, Go Noodle "brain breaks," and my repertoire of build-on songs like the Hokey Pokey and She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain! All three get us up and away from our desks for short periods of time to refresh and rejuvenate after listening to a story, watching a video, or completing a pencil-paper task.  

But many of my little ones who learn best through "feeling" and "doing," need to move and groove while they are working independently at their desk or with a partner, not just during transition or break times.  Unfortunately and realistically though, hand fidget tools like rubber balls or bean bags often turn into toys.  Stability ball seats take up lots of classroom space and can be distracting to other students seated nearby.  Purchasing seat cushions or special stools for every child just isn't feasible for my  "teacher budget."  So what are my "go-to" tools, you ask? Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please......

Scott Ertl, the developer of Bouncy Bands, is an experienced school counselor who  understands that many children need to keep their bodies busy in order to focus and attend during class time. He also He also understands that students with anxiety, anger, and frustration issues need a way to release energy in a productive, safe, and purposeful way.  His product is designed to attach to chair or desk legs, and provides a quiet, discreet way for girls and boys to bounce their feet or stretch their legs. Bouncy Bands provide students with a tool that gives them much-needed sensory input, keeps them from becoming a constant behavioral disruption, helps them release pent-up energy, gives them a way to stretch and relax, and helps create a learning environment that is safe and successful for all.  

Photo courtesy of Bouncy Bands

Photo Courtesy of Bouncy Bands

You can view both of these tools in use, and watch teacher and student video testimonials {HERE}!  If you like what you see and hear, apply this special code--15OFF-- to receive a 15% discount on your purchase through Sunday, Oct. 5, 2015.

Please note that I received no compensation for this post, just a sample from Scott to try out in my classroom.  I do believe in the merit of this product though,  and plan to ask my school parent organization for funding or complete a Donors Choose grant to cover the cost of a class set of Bouncy Bands.  You can find tips on how to complete your own Donors Choose application {HERE}!  126 teachers received DC funding for their Bouncy Band projects last year!

I will be sharing photos of the "happy feet" of my students on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages throughout the week, so be sure to follow me for some fun pictures of these great tools "in action!"  You'll find my social media icons in the right-hand corner of this page.
Once you've received your Bouncy Bands, installing them is easy!  Just follow the instructions in this VIDEO to attach these sturdy, latex-free bands and support pipes!

I am looking forward to the day when each and every chair and/or desk in my classroom has a tool for my students to use to help them get calm and focused before we "do our best on our tests," read independently, follow multi-step directions for projects, and learn lots of new things together.  My students know that I respect and understand the importance of-- and their need to be-- "active" learners. Together we created this Word Cloud over at ABCya.com  to collect the verbs that describe the special way our bodies and our brains are wired......

In closing, let me share what happened when I introduced the sample Bouncy Bands to my group.  We pulled name sticks to decide which students got to try them out first.  The "lucky ducks" who were chosen wore smiles a mile wide as they bounced, pushed, and stretched their way through the day. The following comments they made filled my heart with happiness, and the eagerness of the others who had to patiently wait their turn to try out our "cool new tool for school" was gratifying as well.

"Mrs. R.!  I can bounce my feet and not make any sounds!  I won't bother my neighbors!"

"It makes sitting in my chair more fun you know!"

"I can keep the beat of what I am 
reading and writing 
with my feet!"

As always, thank your for sharing my story!  Continue to hold a song in your heart, march to the beat of a different drummer, and honor all learning styles!

Peace out,

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