Sunday Letters with Big Time Literacy

Hello again, my friends....

I know that it is not Sunday.  

I know that in the lyrics of this musical favorite from The Mamas and the Papas it is 

But I was busy hanging out with my son and some other favorite family members yesterday, so forgive my belated arrival at this bi-weekly party hosted by Michelle over at Big Time Literacy!  

 BigTime Literacy

Know that I love this link-up for many reasons.  It allows me to reflect honestly and humorously on precious and important moments in my life.  It allows me to express gratitude.  It allows me to write letters.....which is a lost art really.  I corresponded faithfully with my mother's father, who lived in South Dakota, when I was little, and appreciate the opportunity to be a"pen pal" of sorts to many every time I write this post.  Thanks in advance for sharing my stories.....

Dear Little Guy In My Class Who Is Mesmerized By My Guitar-Playing,
Yes.....I do play a C-G-D7 chord progression when we sing Shake Your Sillies Out.  

No.....I don't know how to play "the blues," but I love listening to them.  Yes.....I have heard the song Knights In White Satin by The Moody Blues.  I think I might have danced to it at Homecoming during my sophomore year in high school.

Yes.......I do know how to play an E minor and an A7 chord.  No.....I didn't know that those were the chords you need to play A Horse With No Name.  It makes me happy to know that your Saturday morning guitar teacher is helping you learn it!  Yes......I do know the band called America. I will bring in my CD and we can listen to that song during snack time sometime this week!

Musically Yours,
Mrs. R.

Dear Tankini Girls & Pablo The Pool Boy,
Thank you for saying  "adios" to summer with Raspberry Lemonade Moscato and lots of laughter this afternoon while we lounged at poolside.  I am looking forward to awesome autumn days of football games, pond-sitting, and road trips lie now!

Thanks also for letting me get a jumpstart on planning my own 55th birthday celebration.  I know it is three months away, but it is a big milestone for me.  Sadly, Sir Paul McCartney nor Zac Brown is available to play the party, but we will find lots of fun ways to celebrate anyways!


Dear Room #2,
I know that I used my "mean and scary teacher voice" for the first time in 14 days on Thursday.  My cold, headache, and sore throat got the best of me, and I really just wanted silent reading to be silent. I know that is hard for your wiggly, energetic, and excited-about-books bodies and minds to be quiet at the beginning of the school year.  I am feeling much better thanks to lots of rest this weekend, and I will bring my "happy" back with me tomorrow.  

Mrs. R.

Dear Grade Level Team,
I know that we are all maxed out--physically and mentally-- with three sections of 28 students each. Thanks to our strong union executive board, I will have the opportunity to sit down with our district administrators later this week to discuss our crowded classrooms.  I hope that they will listen.  I hope that I can be the catalyst for change that will benefit the children whose educational and behavioral needs are not being met. If not, at least I will appreciate having had the opportunity to try.  

Jennifer (The Colleague That Has Been In The Trenches Too Long To Stay Quiet)

Dear Son,

It was great to see you at the lake yesterday!  Watching you and your cousins play volleyball and corn hole warmed my heart.  You are all such delightful young adults now.  Sure..... the days of Legos, Ninja Turtles, and Power Rangers are gone, and that makes me a little sentimental and sad. But I know that there are great times and things ahead of you.

Love ya,

Dear Daughter,

I read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day to Room #2 last week, and we made a list of Anthony's---the part you are going to play this October in the Northbrook musical production--character traits.  Know that he has VERY good luck.  You will too.  I cannot wait to see you bring yet another favorite children's book to life with magic and music!  

Love always,

Dear Tuesday,

Please be kind.  Coming back from a holiday weekend is hard for teachers and students.  Thank you for having specials at the end of the day!

Peace out,

Mrs. R.


  1. Oh my goodness your music kiddo sounds like fun!! Can't wait to hear about your meeting!!

    1. My "aspiring rock star" makes my days, Em! I will keep you posted about my meeting! Fingers crossed!