Rock and Roll With Writing!

Welcome Friends!

Tonight I'm listening to some classic rock and roll music here in my condo, and I've got a fun FREEBIE for you to go along with the music!

My second graders will honor our 100th Day of School in approximately 10 weekdays--unless Mother Nature sends more snow closings.  I just put The Bubbly Blonde Teacher's thematic
unit in my shopping cart, and can't wait to use the colorful and creative activities on Feb. 6th!

Click {HERE} to see it in her TpT store!

The newest resource in my own TpT store also has a rock and roll theme, and is designed to help your students--especially those who have difficulty thinking of writing topics and using descriptive language--learn to build strong sentences and stories.  This low-prep activity just requires that you make copies of the printables for use either as a whole group lesson or literacy station practice, round up some dice (and some felt squares to muffle sound), sharpen up some pencils, and watch your students have lots of learning fun as they rock, roll, and write!

I hope you enjoy this FREEBIE, and I thank you in advance for leaving feedback!
Click {HERE} to download!

Those who've followed me for some time now, know that this post would not be complete without a real-life musical reference, so click here to enjoy Bob Seger's classic, Old Time Rock 'N Roll!  Enjoy the story inside of the song, and feel free to dance around your living room like no one is watching!

Still like that old time rock 'n roll.
That kind of music just soothes the soul.
I reminisce about the days of old, 
with that old time rock 'n roll....

Call me a rebel, call me what you will.
Say I'm old-fashioned.
Call me over-the-hill.
Today's music ain't got the same soul.
I like that old time rock 'n roll....

Peace out,

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  1. Love Bob Seger. I can hear him now.
    That looks like a fun package you made!
    Hey! Your new design is cool. I like how you kept the guitar in the sidebar :))