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Greetings from the Windy City!
I am hanging out at my sister's house this weekend, but just wanted to stop in quickly to link up with my colorful pals from The Primary Pack!   

Everything in my store is 20% off  from Sunday, February 1st  through Monday, February 2nd  in honor of the big game!
While you're busy shopping and/or preparing yummy snacks to enjoy during the Super Bowl, I'll be applauding one more performance of  Emerald City Theatre's production of .....
My daughter plays Rhonda, the twin sister of Wanda!  Both girls are the sporty, sassy sidekicks of Nancy as she sings and dances her way through a very sparkly show!  It is one that is also full of fun, laughter, and important life lessons.  My heart almost burst this morning to see Hayley doing something she truly loves while spreading joy and sharing smiles with happy children!  I was a very involved Drama Mama when she was younger, so it is very gratifying to see her perform.  Those hours of sewing costumes, driving back-and-forth to rehearsals and lessons, and being a quiet encourager melt away when she steps on stage!  
I've been swamped with end-of-the-semester assessments and progress reports lately, and haven't finished any new resources for February, so here are a few favorite "oldies but goodies" you might be interested in!
Make sure you hop through the linky below to check out the rest of my friend's stores that are on sale in honor of today's football frenzy!  Thanks to Ashley from One Sharp Bunch for being "our hostess with the mostess!"
If you are gathering with friends and family to enjoy the Super Bowl this evening, I wish you fun and merry-making.  I truly enjoy the new commercials more than the game itself, especially this one called Best Buds.  I have raised two Labs in my lifetime, Hershey and Ebb, and the loyalty depicted in this video is REAL!
Know that I wish you a restful Sunday and an easy Monday as you head back into your school week.
Groundhog Day, the 100th Day of School, Valentine's Day, and President's Day all make February a bit frantic at the start, so do some deep breathing today and follow this advice....
The forecast here in the Midwest is calling for another "weather event," so I may be gifted yet again with a snow day tomorrow.  Last year, this was the view out my window, so history may repeat itself.  Whatever comes, I will keep calm and carry on!
As always, thanks for sharing my story!  May you continue to hold a song in your heart, teach your children well, and wish upon stars!

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