According to the lovely day-by-day calendar of the NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION LINKY, I am supposed to post about crafting and creating goals for 2014 today.  I do want to sew more and build teaching materials for my classroom 2 1/2 month-old TPT store, but my first priority really needs to be taming the miles of supply piles/files I have acquired for both obsessions.

I must confess that I like "stuff."  I have a LOT of it.  Much of it is often contained in color-coordinated bins (in my classroom), or in funky baskets (my condo), or in cardboard boxes (my garage).  I have vowed to make 2014 the year that I have less clutter in my life, and so I am turning to the guru of organizationally-challenged teachers everywhere for guidance and practical tips....

I am going to read her daily posts with reverence and stay committed.  I think that less stuff around me will create less stress, and that will be a good thing! I return home from a lovely two-week holiday with my family in Florida, and while I am going to miss the glorious sunshine and be shocked by the -2 degree temperatures in Ohio, I am really looking forward to using the above literature-based writing and craft activity with my second graders and purging the piles in my home office to make room for a color-coordinated binders, calendars, file folders, and bulletin boards!
Here's to staying motivated and inspired!

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