Now that I am back home from my family vacation in Florida, it is time to address my FITNESS, PROFESSIONAL, and  goals for the new year.  I must morph out of my "laying in the sun in a lounge chair" mode and get busy making my personal space more organized, improving my personal health, and improving my professional satisfaction.

I have begun to follow two "organizing blogs" to help me be less of a pack rat and impulse shopper.  Living Well and Spending Less has wonderful tips on being more frugal, and A Slob Comes Clean makes me laugh while staying motivated to clear out my condo one pile at a time!  Both of these blog authors are very good at "keeping it real" and make my goals seem less overwhelming and more manageable.


In addition to improving the state of my personal space and my personal finances, I really need to improve my personal health....
I have ten pesky pounds that I've added on since summer time as a result of snacking on salty carbs instead of making myself a healthy meal, not walking for exercise (as opposed to waddling slowly with my two old hound dogs), and watching way too many Hallmark movies from the comfort of my couch!  Having Snickerdoodles for breakfast while visiting with my family during the holidays did not help my situation either!
I am a person that needs to break down daunting tasks into small steps, so I've come up with these four to get me started.
1.  Drink more water and green tea instead of so many Skinny Caramel Marvels.  They are like drinking candy from a cup....and they are this is going to be the biggest challenge!  They are expensive though, so if I cut back in the gourmet coffee department I will also be filling my piggy bank!
2.  Start doing simple yoga stretches and poses to either a DVD or with the lovely lady on PBS early in the morning.  I am up anyways, so I might as well wake up both my mind and body in a healthy way and strengthen my aging back in the process!
3.  Prepare simple meals on the weekend that I can portion into small containers and then use for easy lunches/dinners throughout the week.  Living alone makes it too easy to zip through the fast food drive through or justify a bowl of popcorn as "supper" sometimes!
4.  Stay focused on the positive in order to stamp out stress. I am a worrier.  I get it from my mother.....who was a consummate and anxious questioner.  My anxiety sometimes causes me to procrastinate or put off difficult tasks....and then the problems just snowball.  This year is one that I want to PERSEVERE in and keep moving forward.  As I always tell me students.....
The above quote is one that applies to my current life as an educator as well.  In November, I started this blog, a Facebook page, and a TPT store.  All three are growing bit-by-bit, and have been a source of great creative inspiration and collaborative support.  I have found so many friends, mentors, and kindred spirits who advise, compliment, commiserate, and critique constructively.  I look forward to continue building both my brand and my online relationships as the coming months unfold.  It feels good to not only be a classroom teacher, but also a writer and illustrator of resources that others find useful and worthy. 

Feel free to share your "story" for 2014 in the comments!



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