I am linking up this morning with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to share three things that I am thankful this year!  It has been a very good one so far, and full of wonderful people and experiences, new and old.

1.   I am grateful for the opportunity to spend yet another Christmas holiday  sharing fun times in rented Florida beach houses with my family members and our 88-year-old father!  Waking up to watch dolphins play in the surf before opening gifts and feasting on a big brunch is a wonderful way to celebrate the special day!
2.  I appreciate the teachers and students in my life that make my school life amusing, rewarding, challenging, uplifting, and thought-provoking.  Education is truly my vocation, and they keep me answering the "call" to serve as a nurturer, instructor, and mentor.
3.  I am thankful for the music in my life that inspires me, soothes me, energizes me, motivates me, and helps me connect with my second grade students.  "Country Christmas" is looping on my Pandora station this morning. Last night it was the Zac Brown Band.  Charlotte Diamond will encourage my students to sing and dance along to "I Am A Pizza" this morning when we need a "brain break."  I will use my guitar and mediocre alto voice to teach them the melody and words to the traditional "Over the River and Through the Woods" next week as we compare/contrast two different picture book versions of the song during our vocabulary study.
In the words of John Denver.......
Music paints pictures and often tells stories,
all of it magic and all of it true.
And all of the magic and all of the stories,
and all of the pictures
the music is you.......

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