As I sit here on my couch wrapped in the aroma of hazelnut coffee and the warmth of my big fluffy bathrobe, I don't want to tackle any of the many things on my "to do" list! 

I would much rather sort through my holiday decorations than grade math assessments.  I would much rather shop online for my children's gifts than write sub plans for the two days that I am going to be out this month.  I would much rather sew a memory pillow for my daughter's cast mates than create and copy printables that coincide with this week's writing and word work lessons.

But the responsibility and practicality of my life dictates putting pleasurable activities on the back burner.  Making sure that the needs of the 20 children entrusted to my care are met must take precedent over my personal preferences.

There are 13 more school days in December, followed by a glorious two week vacation.  I will persevere with patience and purpose....and a secret stash of chocolate in my desk drawer!


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