This Friday could not come fast enough!  In a note to my principal yesterday, I mentioned that since returning from Thanksgiving break my class was riding the behavior "struggle bus!"  I imagine that unless I come up with a new plan for Monday things are just going to continue to spiral downhill!

A new seating arrangement could be in the works.  As are a few choice "notes home" to parents.  Including writing-related art projects at the end of the day will get us through as well.  Cutting, pasting, and creating are always a good remedy!  Not having outdoor recess due to colder temperatures has definitely been a factor, so incorporating more music and movement breaks will be essential. 

And now for the weekly sharing of my never-ending list of things we did in school this week, things I need to do, and things I want to do!

We are focusing on developing graphing skills during the month of December, and I am using Hope King's wonderful holiday unit to help my students collect, record, and interpret data in different ways.  Yesterday we studied probability using her "toss a tree" activity!  The students had great fun using a "heads or tails" approach to predicting whether or not our holiday weather would be snowy!  They really enjoyed using a bar graph to determine their forecasts, and had rousing conversations throughout the lesson about their favorite thing to do in the winter!  I am SO happy I scooped up this packet of during the tPt Cyber Sale, and can't wait to use the January activities as well!
Part of my weekend plan is to print, laminate, and prepare some of the other great materials I purchased at the tPt Cyber Sale!  As a "newbie" seller, I didn't make enough to cover the cost of the Scotch 3M Thermal Laminator that I bought myself, but had been wanting one for awhile so I scooped it up at Wal-Mart anyway!  I consider it a combination "Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me!" present!  What a wild way to celebrate the big 5-3, right!?!?
I don't have alot of counter or free table-top space in my classroom, so I often use tri-folds to organize my centers and work stations.  They are portable and can be taken down and tucked away as needed.  Instead of using file folders to organize our literacy and math stations this month, I saw this cute idea from Brooke Brown on Pinterest and just had to try it!  I will be tying jingle bells, ribbon, and direction tags to gift bags and the students will "go shopping" for the materials tucked inside!  Learning will not only be fun but FESTIVE!

My sewing machine will demand some of my time this weekend as I "get crafty" and make some snazzy gift bags for my school Secret Buddy!  What fun it is to make and stuff little fabric sacks that I embellish with buttons, ribbons, and scrapbook paper tags!  It is even more fun to leave them in my S.B.'s  office mailbox! I know that I LOVE finding some of my favorite things waiting for me at the end of a long work day!  The teachers and support staff at school have participated in this activity that boosts morale and encourages camaraderie for the past few years!  We usually do it around Christmas and Valentine's Day!  At the end of the 2-3 week "gifting" period, we organize a "big reveal" get-together at a local restaurant or coffee shop where we all bring a $15 gift card to thank the person who has been surprising us!  What fun things do you do to spread good cheer at different times of the year?
I will wrap-up my weekend by attending the final performance of my daughter as Pixel the Elf, in the Ohio Northern University Holiday Spectacular in Lima, Ohio!  This is her third year as Santa's favorite helper, and I am grateful for one last chance to witness the magic and wonder she instills in the hearts of adults and children alike each time she takes the stage!  Little boys and girls clamor to get their picture taken with her after the show, and some even hand her their "wish lists."  She gleefully gives them each a candy cane "she made all by herself" and asks them "What's your favorite Christmas cookie?"  The smiles she has shared with so many will only be a memory after Sunday, but they will live in my heart for years to come!






  1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! Hope your kids love the holiday centers. Have a fabulous weekend! :-)

  2. You are most welcome, Brooke! May your holidays be merry and bright!