The inhabitants of our beach house are waking up slowly on this misty morning.  Banana bread and Dunkin Donuts coffee are the breakfast choices.  We are wrapped in blankets with our books as we greet a day that may not be made for beach-lounging.  A trek to the local movie house may also be in order.  We shall see.  There isn't really a schedule now that the holiday hub-bub is over, and that feels good.

I continue to resist the urge to do "work" during this holiday, and will probably wander into Barnes & Noble to get a mindless romance to read.  I have also been sleeping in and taking a large amount of daily naps.  Downshifting from the fast lane I usually move in during the school year feels good.  I plan to do so for at least another week.

In the words of Simon & Garfunckel, may you also remember to...

Slow down
You move too fast
Got to make the morning last
Just kicking down
The cobblestones
Looking for fun
And feeling groovy....

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