Making Merry....

Now that I have recovered from the crazy last week of school before break and settled into the slow and relaxing rhythm of beach life, I thought I'd drop back in to blog about fun, family, and festive times her in sunny Florida.

My clan gave up on cold, white, and Midwestern holidays when my parents moved permanently to the Naples/Fort Myers area about 15 years ago.  My father's annual gift to my five siblings and I is to rent two deluxe beach houses so that we can all be together to make merry, eat way too much, sing favorite songs around the bonfire, play competitive sports and board games, and exchange a mountain of gifts.  We also eat Snickerdoodles for breakfast and stay in our pajamas until it is time to change into our bathing suits!

This two-week respite is truly relaxing and rejuvenating for me.  I don't bring any school work, I only read mindless historical romances or People magazine, and I eat lots of junk food.  I go out to breakfast and I shop at a non-frenzied pace.  I walk in the surf in the morning and watch for dolphins.  I enjoy the sunset from my lounge chair every evening. 

Yes, I miss my friends and my hound dogs, but will make time to re-connect and celebrate belatedly with them in the New Year.  For now I will unplug and rest.  May you all find the time to do the same!

Sending peace, comfort, and joy.....

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