It is the first morning in many that I've logged on to my sister's laptop to check e-mail, read my Bloglovin' feed, or think about the "teaching side" of my life.  It is my 10th day of true rest & relaxation with family on Florida's golden gulf coast, and "working" is just not something I can bring myself to do while here!
I will probably pay dearly upon my return home, but for now I will recommend the following leisure activities to enjoy as you have time....

*Go see "Saving Mr. Banks!"  The storyline, characterizations, cinematography, costuming, and message of this movie made me laugh, cry, sing along, and
re-live the grand moments of my childhood, as well as my absolute love for the
Mary Poppins book series and film.

*Become addicted to Pet Rescue Saga, Words With Friends, and Candy Crush Saga and play them on your iPhone when you cannot sleep at night!  As a
53-year-old woman who often suffers frequent bouts of insomnia, all three games are quite fun company when you cannot sleep at 3 a.m.

*Eat Snickerdoodles for breakfast, and be sure to dip them in your milk while doing so.  Savor the sweet and cinnamon goodness without guilt!

*Read any novel written by Debbie Macomber.  It will always end happily and will transport you to a place that you may never get to go to in real life like a handcrafted log cabin in Alaska or a quaint coastal town on the Pacific Northwest coast.

*Play old-fashioned board games like Scrabble, Sequence, Monopoly, or RISK.  Or just watch and observe while other family members' competitive personalities come to play and strive for world domination!

*Cue up Zac Brown or Jimmy Buffet on your Pandora playlist and find a comfortable lounge chair.  Then proceed to nap in the sunshiny breezes and let your wordly cares drift away.....
Peace out,


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