Linking Up and Learning From Others!

Happy Tuesday!

It's a day of "firsts" for me as a "newbie" teacher-blogger!  I am excited to participate in my first product "linky."  This promotional event is being hosted by Stephanie McConnell at Principal Principles, and was posted this morning in the Teacher's Pay Teacher's Sellers Forum!  There are lots of great resources included already, some paid and some free, that will help teachers everywhere make learning fun and engaging through the crazy countdown until Christmas!  Think of it as our own version of hosting a Black Friday sale!

I've posted my Gingerbread House for A Mouse Creative Writing unit that is designed to build story sequencing, how-to writing, and character description skills.
I am off to prep for our last day before Thanksgiving break now, and have quite a "buffet" of activities planned!  First, we will take time to publish our list of things we are thankful for from the Share Chair!  Hopefully, our ideas will be more thoughtful than the list that Junie B. Jones and her classmates generated!  Although "exploding biscuits" and "Snausages" caused us all to laugh out loud as did her friend Sheldon's tribute to "Larry, Gary, and Harry--Turkeys We Have Known and Loved!"
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