Wednesday Wonderings.....

As I pour my second cup of coffee and note that the clock reads 5:23 a.m., I wonder these random things....

Q.   Why am I awake so early on my first day of Thanksgiving break?

A.   My hound dogs don't know that I am off and therefore think that walking through the windy and cold falling snow is just what I want to do on this Wednesday morning!


Q.  Will I have the energy and motivation today to sort through the pile of papers and fold the mountain of laundry that have accumulated over the past few weeks?

A.  Only if I do both while watching a marathon of daytime talk shows and/or
Hallmark Channel movies!


Q.   Will the local market have the two dozen "knot rolls" I need to take to a friend's holiday feast tomorrow, or should I have pre-ordered them?  And what will my "plan B" be if they are all out?

A.  I will find out at 7:30 a.m. when they open today!


Q.  Will I be able to complete some new products over the next four days in time for the big tPt cyber sale on Dec. 2nd and 3rd?

A.  Only if I STOP shopping for cute new clip art and just use what I already have to create, create, create!  "My name is Jennifer Reynolds and I have a new obsession with Creative Clips and Melonheadz Illustrating!"

In typing this, I've just realized that I am sort of "talking to myself!"  Yikes!  It is a condition that comes from living humor me!

Enjoy this Thanksgiving Eve and be grateful!

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