<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

The purpose of today's post is primarily to connect my blog to Bloglovin' in hopes of generating more followers.  I am copying the website link here as directed and hoping that it works!  Fingers crossed!

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Hi, If you want the actual picture to show up instead of the link, switch to HTML on your post, insert the link where you want it then switch back to "Compose" when you're done. Both buttons are found in the upper-left part of the post page. CUTE blog :)

    1. Hi Lori!
      Thanks so much for your advice! I was able to insert the Bloglovin' button on my sidebar after much trial and error!
      I also appreciate your kind compliment on my blog's "cute" factor! Kerri at Cutest Blog On The Block has been wonderful about making my ideas a reality. Together and over time we will be adding more "bells and whistles" as my budget allows!