Spotlight on Student Birthdays!

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Thanks for stopping by as I take another walk down memory lane before introducing one of my newest ideas!  In my best Junie B. journal-writing style, let me share this personal story.

by Jennifer Reynolds
Second Grade Teacher

My Mom always made a huge fuss about my birthday when I was growing up.   Even though it
fell 12 days before Christmas when time and money were tight.  

She always made sure to provide a thoughtful and usually homemade gift, donut cake in a holiday shape from a local shop, and chocolate milk bought in glass bottles from the corner Sterling's store.

Fun games were planned with a few friends from school, and a grand time was usually enjoyed by all.  Well, except for when I turned eight and she put trick candles on my cake that would not blow out and made me cry!  Luckily, that lesson was learned and and happy celebrations followed 


As I was sorting through my district-provided calendar materials last week, I was reminded that the birthday graphing chart was U-G-L-Y and hard to use.  It was a bland color and DID NOT SPARKLE.  It did not coordinate with my new classroom Rock and Roll theme.....and so....something new needed to be created!  Something will a lot more pizazz, purpose, and a little bit of BLING!  Hopefully, this set of materials will make my students feel like the rock stars they are on their special day!

Each child will arrive in Room #2 on their birthday morning to find
a Backstage Pass from me on their desk that entitles them
to special privileges that include leading the line, sitting in the front row
at story time, and acting as our calendar assistant.

A bag of swag will be waiting for them as well, filled with 
pencils, glitter, and Smarties purchased from 
Dollar General.  I plan to pre-make
these goody bags while enjoying a Hallmark Channel
movie marathon over the next few nights!  That way, they will
be all set to go and I won't have to remember from month-to-month!

Each child will also receive a laminated bookmark and
personalized birthday certificate from me, and a
Birthday Star brag tag!  I found Mardi Gras
necklaces at Party City, and plan to attach the tags
with small binder rings!

I plan to incorporate learning into each child's birthday celebration by
building and practicing graphing skills throughout the year.   I plan to use
these materials in a pocket chart or on paper
to help them collect, organize, and analyze information
about our class' birthdays.

I also designed some "reviewing the data" worksheets and task cards 
to guide my students thinking about the information we collected, help them
make greater/less than comparisons, and challenge their
computation skills.

I plan to use these monthly posters as a display over my calendar corner, and will have the
students write their birth date and sign their autograph on our first day of school.
We will then use the posters as our reference point when we complete the 
tally and bar graph activities.

Posters in color with glitter backgrounds and in color with white backgrounds 
are included and can be printed in different sizes depending
on your available wall or bulletin board space.

You can see this resource in my TpT store 

If you purchase the pack, I'd love to see
pictures of how you use and display it in your classroom!
I head over to Room #2 to start working away tomorrow, and hope
to share more photos soon in another blog post!

Be sure to grab this fun 

editable file
of birthday charts and parent letters 
that you can customize!

As always, thank you for sharing my story!
May this song from the ever-popular
Minion movie set the tone
for your coming school year
and all of your classroom
birthday celebrations!

by Pharrell Williams

Shop the 
Monday, Aug. 3rd through Tuesday, Aug. 4th! 

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