Currently-August.....Just a little late!

Greetings on this peaceful, easy Saturday evening my friends....

Rosie is sleeping in her special spot on the sofa.  I can hear my neighbors grandchildren riding by on their bicycles.  There is caramel coffee in my cup. The light outside my deck window is fading.  

In the words of Zac Brown.....

"Life is good today...."

While I have to admit that this has been a week full of personal setbacks, I continue to move forward on my life's journey with strong resolve.....especially on the professional front.  This summer I explored some new opportunities--which I will share in a future post...and stepped way outside my comfort zone to travel and experience  things I've had on my bucket list for a long while.  Yes, it monopolized a lot of my time in July, but it all made me a better teacher, collaborator, and person.  

Tonight as I reflect on all that has transpired in this "Zen Summer of Jen 2015," it seems fitting to join Farley's CURRENTLY party and share a little slice of my August life so far...

 August Currently Link-Up 2015

Even though the stereo speakers and turntable that served me well during my high school and college years are in my garage, I keep this album on my dresser as a  daily reminder ....

"You've got to get up every morning,
with a smile on your face
and show the world
all the love in your heart.

Then people are gonna treat you better.
You're gonna find, yes you will.
That you're beautiful
as you feel....."

Most of the songs on  Carole King's Tapestry album align to milestones or moments in my life that have inspired, changed, or moved me.  Tonight I am singing along to these lyrics and smiling.....

"My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue.
An ever-changing vision with an
ever-changing view.
A wondrous, woven magic,
in bits of blue and gold.
A tapestry to feel and see,
impossible to hold...."

Organizing my to-do lists, class roster, parent newsletters, and data sheets will be all the more pleasant this year because of these groovy file folders I found on one of my many excursions to the local teacher store this week.  The peace signs and flower power just makes the Hippie Chick in me happy!

My wild plan for tomorrow evening is to fire up my laminator and prep the bajillion nametags and labels needed to help make Room #2 a welcoming, rock 'n roll-themed learning space.  Two of my best friends have volunteered to help cut and trim everything.  I convinced them by sharing this
favorite meme of mine!

I am counting down the seconds, minutes, and hours until I get to enjoy our family's "Cousin Camp" on Labor Day weekend. My son and daughter will join my sister's children at their lake cottage for a reunion of epic proportions!  The vintage photos above depict Hayley in her favorite Little Mermaid bathing suit, and Eamonn with his trusty Ninja Turtle sword back in the days when I used to host the event. 

It will be great fun to have everyone together now that our kids are all young adults! Guitars will come out at bonfire time, voices will be raised in harmony, and we will sing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline and Don McClean's American Pie loudly and proudly.

My goal for this year is to create a thriving community of readers in my classroom.  I hope to blog more about it as time goes on and share the magic.   I will look to Donalyn Miller's book for inspiration again and again.  These two quotes explain why.....

Last year was a hard one for my building staff.  New tests to give, new state evaluations to survive, new curriculum mandates to muddle through.....

In June, we were all mostly downtrodden and exhausted.  The crayons in our personal boxes were broken and worn down.

As my colleagues gear up for our new beginning on August 18th,  I plan to "find my marigold" as recommended in this wise and honest post from Jennifer Gonzalez over at 

By doing so, I hope to help keep those around me confident, colorful, positive, and happy so that our students can benefit more from their positive vibe. I am going to fill these fun tins that I found at the Target Dollar Spot with small stress-relievers, and hopefully shine a little light in their lives.

Know that am sending sunshine and smiles across the miles to you, today and always.  Thank you for allowing me to share my stories and songs.  Continue to teach your children well and show kindness whenever you can....

Peace out,


  1. Caught you from the Currently this month! I am ashamed to admit, but I have not read The Book Whisperer yet. I own it and the sequel, but have not read it yet. Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone! :) Have a great start to your year!

  2. I won't tell anyone, Amy! But if you can find the should read both! I've got Reading in the Wild on my night stand.....and hope to read it too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love the "Just Be..." poster. Such a wonderful message! Wishing you and your colleagues a less stressful year. I love the marigold story. We should all strive to be marigolds! I am so lucky that my best friend is a marigold and someone I can trust with anything I have to share. She is truly my teacher bestie!

    1. Aren't teacher besties what help us make it through our school day? Mine is going to be just two doors down the hall this year, and that just makes me happy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! Have a great school year!

  4. I love your pictures to go along with your Currently! I might steal that idea for my own blog ::wink::. And my laminating pile looks just about like yours! Good luck and happy B2S!
    Daisy Designs

    1. I love including pictures in my posts whenever possible, Amanda! I attended a workshop with Greg from Smedley's Kindergarten Smorgasboard this past spring, and he told us the "more photos in your posts the better!" They give folks a visual peek into your life and make it personal! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. You just make me smile. All your posts on social media. It reminds me that you are there :) And that makes me happy.
    I just bought a laminator. I will be busy this weekend :)

    1. It's funny how much I love my little laminator, Em! You can teach your daughters to use it and be your "assistants!" They will love it too! I am glad that my social media posts make you smile. That's what friends are for!