We Love Teachers Sale & Linky Party

Load up your cart my friends!

It is time for another Teachers Pay Teachers sale and it is in your honor!  

Check out Miss DeCarbo's linky party to shop for great 20% off deals from some fabulous sellers, and then use the THANK YOU promo code for an additional savings!  The discounts are good from Tuesday, May 5th through Wednesday, May 6th!

My entire store is on sale over the next two days, and here are some of the favorite
resources I use at this time of year when thematic studies keep my students
interested and engaged! You'll be sure to round up some
great learning and eye-catching displays 
with these products!

I hope you'll mosey on over to my store and find something
that suits your fancy!

I myself am going to hit the trail and leave feedback on my prior purchases so that I earn
credits toward my new ones!  May you too rustle up some good deals
on great units you can use
 as the sun sets on this school year!

Happy Trails!

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