Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Welcome Friends!

I hope this post finds you enjoying a peaceful Sunday, either being honored as a mother or honoring one you hold dear.  

My mother passed away fifteen years ago, and this day is still a difficult one for me.  I was the daughter that did not appreciate my Mom until I had children of my own.  I was the daughter that threw fits while shopping when we disagreed over what was appropriate high school fashion.   I was that semi-difficult college student  that changed my major many times, challenged the rules, and caused her many sleepless nights.  I was that daughter that she asked to stop dancing on the table at my wedding.  

In hindsight, I wish that I could rewind my life story to take back those moments when I made it hard for her.  I wish that I had not been so stubborn.  I wish that I had been more grateful.  I wish that I had understood how hard it was for her to see me struggle.  

As I woke up slowly this morning --wrapped in my comfy bathrobe holding a warm cup of coffee in my hand--I thought of her, and knew that she'd be proud if she could see me now. She'd be especially proud of the well-rounded adults that my children have become.  They were the only two grandchildren that lived nearby and were blessed (and spoiled) by many Sunday afternoons at Grandma's house.  

It is for them that I wrote today's post and created these special photos collages.....so that they will remember the important lessons Dee Boney taught.  May they teach their own children well someday....

My siblings and I used to joke about how Mom used to brag about our accomplishments to "the bridge ladies."  Now I find myself doing the same thing when asked about how both are doing in their respective "big city" lives.  I am no longer sitting in the ice rink bleachers or the front row in the auditorium, but I continue to be their biggest cheerleader!

My mother was the master of event-planning.  Block parties, vacations, birthdays, and reunions were things she loved to organize and orchestrate.  Her spirit lives on each and every time we gather as a clan to celebrate a family holiday or milestone.

Every Christmas, my Mom made sure that Santa delivered everything on our lists.  She was tireless in her shopping and sewing, so that no one was disappointed.  She paid close attention to detail, and was very thoughtful in her giving.  As you can see from these photos, my children have been blessed with the same generosity gene.  Dinner this Tuesday--for the lady that doesn't cook well--will be courtesy of my son and the Detroit Lions, and another favorite and heartfelt bracelet will encircle my wrist and remind me of the beloved daughter I'm blessed with.

Children remember the simple pleasures that make life a little brighter.  Note my daughter's drawing of me complete with dangling earrings that look like spiders, and her comment about my favorite food being chips and dip!  She knows that there is no shame in serving snack food for dinner!

Even though my Mom has not been here to physically walk the past five "divorced years" of my life with me, she has been present in spirit.  Thoughts of what she and my Dad would do or say in certain situations come to mind daily, and continue to guide me and give me strength on my journey. 

I am proud to be Dee and Jack Boney's daughter, and I am proud to call Eamonn and Hayley Reynolds my "greatest work."  May they continue to smile down upon this sassy, independent, creative, colorful and good-humored.....

As always, thank you for stopping by to share my story.  

Continue to make your own kind of music and sing your own special song....


  1. What a lovely post. I've been thinking about you so it was a happy surprise that I stumbled upon this post. Thank you for sharing. I am certain that your mother wouldn't have wanted you to be an easier child. It is the feisty ones that we don't have to worry about. xo

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Kimberly! They are always so meaningful and uplifting! Stay feisty yourself, my friend!

  2. Wonderful post!!! I hope my children will have as kind of words one day! Happy Mother's Day.

    1. Ah, Em! Your girls will be such grateful and giving daughters always because of the example you have set! Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  3. Hi Jennifer!

    I’ve always LOVED your blog and I am happy to have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read about it on my blog here: http://brookebrownteachingoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/
    Hope you are loving your first week of summer! 

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