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Happy Sunday!

How many of you are just a little bit joyful about having tomorrow OFF for the holiday?!?!?!?  Know that my hand is raised high about having the "gift" of extra time!  Thanks for stopping by so that we can happy together!

In honor of the long weekend, I'm linking up with Diana over at Sassy,Savvy, Simple Teaching in case you need to stock up on some resources for the coming weeks!  Everything in my TpT store is 20% off through Tuesday, January 20, 2015!

Know that many of my early products are "under renovation" at present and I have a few in the "new construction" phase, but the time I've been able to devote to them has been limited lately.  Never fear though, here are some "oldies but goodies" you might want to scoop up for the coming months!  Most of them include my signature "Literature Links" and "Musical Moments" pages to help you enrich and enhance your lessons!   

Now might be a good time to scoop up one of my Read! Think! Write! packs if you have been curious about them!  My second graders just love them, and they can be used to review a variety of grammar and literacy skills!  You can get a closer look at them and more from my store by clicking HERE!

Know that your continued support and patronage of my store is truly appreciated, and that the feedback you leave on both your purchases and freebie downloads really helps me improve my product line.  It also helps me decide
what I need to create next!

Make sure you check out the other TpT stores that are
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 Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching

Be sure to stop back in tomorrow, as I am planning a post that will be full
of story and song ideas you might like to include in your Black History Month
lessons throughout the rest of this month.  I will also be
posting over at

later this afternoon with ideas on how
to use familiar song lyrics to build student reading fluency!

As always, continue to teach your children well,
and remember......

Peace out,

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