Happy "it's almost the weekend" my friends!

 Back in the days of my youth, enjoying a Slurpee at the 7-11 store was a huge treat!  Too bad there isn't one in my little suburb anymore!  I may have to substitute a  milkshake from the corner ice cream shop in honor of this FIVE FOR FRIDAY SEVEN-ELEVEN!  Thanks for stopping in to read my link up with Doodlebugs and share some highlights, humor, and heartfelt thoughts!


It has been a sluggish kind of week for me with some muggy weather and ailing dogs making my life a little less than easy.  Brutus came home from the kennel with a bit of an upset stomach, and has me very worried.  He sleeps a lot between short walks and just doesn't seem well.  A trip in to see Dr. Natalie may be in his future to see what might be the cause. 

It has been two weeks since I returned home from Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota where we held my father's memorial service.  He had requested that his ashes be scattered in the Black Hills, where my mother had grown up and where we had spent many great summer vacations together as a family.

J.R. and Dee are at peace together now in a beautiful place where we will return to visit in another summer or two.  I had forgotten how blue the sky and how clear the air was there.  As we hiked up the bridge to pay our last respects, the familiar tune and lyrics of Loggins & Messina's  Run River Run played through 
my head....  

If you've been thinking you're all that you've got,
then don't feel alone anymore.
'Cause when we're together then you've got a lot.
I am the river, and you are the shore.
And it goes on and on,
watching the river run.
Listening and learning and yearning,
to run river run.....

This ceramic bird bath is painted with the handprints of four siblings I had the pleasure of teaching over the years.   The inscription reads....

The best teachers teach from the heart,
not from books.

It stands in a place of honor just inside my classroom doorway and collects notes, homework, lunch money, special drawings, and favorite trinkets that my students bring to school each day.   

I re-read the quote often, usually on a day when I am stressed out by all of the new standards and teacher-evaluation criteria.  It reminds me to trust my judgement and my instincts when working with the children in my care.


Know that I didn't really faint dramatically after a meeting where a team of teachers from my district had worked two long hours at mapping out reading and writing lessons for our new Journeys reading series.  We've been getting together through the summer break to prepare for the coming school year, and work out how it will all fit into our Daily 5 framework and align to the Common Core.  After planning lessons this past Monday, I needed a positive dose of "shopping therapy" to perk me up and keep myself from being overwhelmed by the quantity of stories and skills laid out in the six manuals!  Here is what I filled my cart with at the Target Dollar Spot!  Happiness is......collapsible teacher totes and brightly-colored pocket charts!  The selection of Dr. Seuss items was also stellar!

This collection of colorful crayons and inspiring words pictured above showed up on my Facebook feed yesterday, and reminded me of how many good actions and choices we have to make...

Keep moving forward in a positive fashion my friends!  
Teach on, stay calm, hold a song in your heart, and continue to 
share your story!  Be sure to link up and enjoy all of the Five for Friday posts
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  1. Love the art photo and what it symbolizes. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Sebrina! I am going to try and print a copy and frame it for my desk this year!