Hello Friends!

The new month certainly came roaring in weather-wise, and now February is just a fleeting memory!  

This week includes CogAt and Iowa Test "madness" for my second graders, but learning fun will follow as we wish Dr. Seuss HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am the volunteer coordinator for our school's READ ACROSS AMERICA celebration, and we are gearing up for a great five days of learning fun!

Before that "rhyming good time" unfolds, I thought I'd link up with Farley and share my March CURRENTLY musings.....

Music is often playing in the background as I work, clean, relax, and rejuvenate on the weekends.  I like an eclectic, retro mix most of the time, but both Zac Brown's upbeat songs and thoughtful ballads are providing today's soundtrack.  His Martin and Me tune about the solace he finds in playing guitar and writing new songs speaks to my heart.  It makes me thankful that I can still play and sing every day!

My son lives in Detroit and doesn't get to visit often, but today we carved out some time to meet, eat, laugh, and catch up!  This morning's conversation centered around his hope of finding a new apartment, a pending trip to visit my Dad in Florida, and a recent ski adventure he and his lovely girlfriend enjoyed.  

I have lots of new Math and Language Arts materials to prepare after taking advantage of TPT's recent site-wide sale!  Having only discovered the wealth of resources available there this year, I am making up for lost time when it comes to building my Common Core files.  My laminator will be working overtime as I watch Ellen DeGeneres host the Oscars this evening!  I haven't seen very many of the featured movies, but I love listening to the vocalists perform the Best Song nominees.  I will be sipping wine, munching popcorn, and cutting plastic when they roll out the red carpet!

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind with a personal day, the 100th Day, the 101st Day, and some parent conferences thrown in the mix.  This week will also be crazy-busy, and I must keep reminding myself to stay positive and pleasant with my little people! 

I admit to getting a bit crabby last Wednesday when my class was just way off-task and really overly-animated.  I may have even acted more like the scary, loud-voiced Miss Viola Swamp instead of the sweet, sensitive Miss Nelson in James Marshall's beloved book series.  At one point, after reading Judith Viorst's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day to my class, I  announced that I might be "moving to Australia" and put my head down on my desk for dramatic effect.  I recovered in good time though, and got a few smiles (as well as eye rolls) when I broke into a spirited and very Junie B. Jones-like rendition of "Tomorrow" at bus time!  I "turned my own frown upside down" and sent them home with a smile.....even though I was thoroughly exhausted!

I have to wrap this post up soon so that I can Face Time with my daughter who is enjoying some fun in the Florida sun!  In approximately 2.5 months, she will be a college graduate, and hopefully performing in regional theater productions after earning her BFA in Musical Theatre and Arts Administration.  She and a friend are staying in my sister's condo which is adjacent to my father's, so Hayley will also get to spend some quality time with the always endearing and absolutely entertaining "Papa Boney!"

I have provided the answer to a question that you need to formulate and leave a comment about below! A few hints follow:
*a porcelain rabbit
*a little girl named Abilene
*a mysterious and wise grandmother
*a story of reflection, resolve, redemption, and reunion worth reading


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Know that I wish you well as this new month gets underway, I leave you with some wise words from "the good doctor."  I also am going to show off the new "Mini Me" graphic that I just commissioned from Teaching in the Tongass!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I went crazy during the TpT sale too! What were some of your great finds?

    1. I got some great Read Across America clip art from Krista Walden, Ashley Hughes, and Melonheadz! I am addicted!