As I wake up slowly on this quiet Sunday morning, enjoy a Vanilla Biscotti cup of coffee, and reflect thoughtfully on the past week and what is ahead, I must take a moment to do two things.  The first is to say "THANK YOU!" to the 570+ folks who already followed me on Facebook before this month's Free-for-all, and the second is to say "HOWDY!" to the new 150+ friends who just found my page at Stories and Songs in Second! You all deserve a giant GOLD STAR!

Way back in November when I started my teacher-blogger-entrepreneur adventure, I often wondered if I'd ever establish a circle of readers.  Know that the above numbers truly make my humble heart swell!

I have compiled what I hope is a very helpful (and colorful) list of tips about how to manage your classroom learning center materials as a way of showing my gratitude for your interest, and "paying it forward!" 

If today's post is well-received, I might turn it into a monthly or weekly "link up," so feel free to leave feedback in the comment section below.  I know that many well-established bloggers publish a "Peek At My Week" lesson plans, but I am more of a "Make-It-And-Take It On Sunday So You Can Use It On Monday" kind of gal.  I am also a very "visual learner," and thought it would help some of you (especially new teachers who are just getting started) to see the supplies used in the creation process.  Know that I love to hear from my readers, so please don't be shy!  Suggestions and good ideas are encouraged!


Click here for the complete list of FREEBIE providers as organized by the Amazing Amanda at The Primary Gal.  There is also a link at the bottom of the map if you would like
to leave feedback or join in the fun next month!

I will be adding new products for March and Read Across America to my small store as this week unfolds, so be sure to click here and "Follow Me" to receive notifications and updates!

Friendship is a theme that I include in my classroom lessons all year 'round, and this common-core aligned unit also ties it in with fiction and non-fiction books about arctic animals!  My students love reading and writing about wacky penguins like Helen Lester's Tacky, as well as about real-life penguins in Gail Gibbon's Penguins!

Don't miss out on some fun free clip art that I love to use, as well as this link to Erica Bohrer's blog!  

This is a site I return to often for ideas, advice, and inspiration.   Erica's recent tutorial on how to begin your own TPT adventure is a "must read!"  Don't let it overwhelm you, and be sure to look at the links to other tips from established teacher-entrepreneurs at the end of her post!  Be confident in your abilities, continue to create activities that are successful with your students, trust your instincts, be inspired, and dare to share and "show what you know!"

Wouldn't these make wonderful Star Student of the Week 
certificates or bookmarks?

This moose is featured in many of Scott's holiday sets!
He is an absolute favorite of mine, and you'll find him
in this FREE friendship-themed unit on page 17 of this
fabulous February Blogger eBook!

I printed, laminated, and used magnet tape to post these direction cards.  They help me not have to repeat myself by providing my second graders 
with visual cues!  If a child asks, "What am I supposed to do next?," 
I can just smile and point!

This store is my "go to" place for excellent seasonal decor and kid-friendly craftivity ideas!  Her classroom behavior clip chart has been a lifesaver for me this year!

Whew!  If you stuck with this "novel" of a post until the end, you deserve another gold star!  May your day be positive and productive!  I will leave you until next time with these lyrics from Joe Wise's Song of Blessing....

May your rest be peaceful,
sleep a fond companion.
May wonder mark the roads
you need to roam.
If time should carve a canyon in between us for awhile,
I'll sing this song for you until you come home.....


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