Good Morning Friends!

While being an educator is my daily vocation or profession, I often tell people that my children are "my greatest work."  Both my son and daughter have grown from impish toddlers to awkward middle school students to challenging teenagers to accomplished young adults over the past 23 years.  The joy and happiness we have shared together has far outweighed the "blood, sweat, and tears" I invested in raising them.  Celebrating their accomplishments and suffering through their disappointments have made me a more grateful and humble person and parent.  They have always been blessings in my life, and I will continue to walk beside them as they embark on new journeys.

This weekend, my daughter will bring four musical theatre friends to our hometown to perform a cabaret of Broadway and jazz standards.  Yesterday, she sent me promotional photos to use for the table centerpieces I am making for the event.  Both capture the spunk and sense of humor that make her so very special!  Please indulge me while I post the pictures  below and revel in a "Proud Drama Mama moment!"  Tomorrow I will introduce you to my son, so stay tuned!

P.S.  Yesterday I posted the wrong link to my Texas blogger friend Marcy's site, Saddle Up in Second Grade.  Here is the correct

 Also, check out my Maine blogger friend Kimberly's thoughtful site at




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