Good Morning Friends!

As promised, here is my post praising the talented and handsome young man that my son has grown up to be!  As a child, he spent lots of time building intricate Lego structures, battling imaginary Ninjas, laughing at SpongeBob cartoons, and playing sports.  He always loved to draw small robots and write stories. An avid reader, he enjoyed all of the Redwall, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings books.  When he was 7-year old he asked to play hockey and I took him to the local rink to teach him the basics of skating.   When he played defense for his high school hockey team, I bundled up to stay warm and cheered loudly from the bleachers at every game.   When he asked to learn how to play guitar, I signed him up for lessons and listened to him practice Eric Clapton's opening riff to Sunshine of Her Love over and over.

His sense of humor, creativity, athleticism,  musicality, love of language, and varied interests have served him well over time, and now he works in public relations for the Detroit Lions football team.  Most Sundays in the fall you will find me on my couch watching the game on T.V. and scouring the sidelines for a glimpse of my boy and his stats clipboard! 

Again, I am blessed to be the mother of two very special and successful children.  I cannot take all of the credit for the delightful young adults they have grown up to be.  Relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, mentors galore have helped shape and influence them in positive way.  They are kind-hearted and loyal, responsible and trustworthy, selfless and caring.  It is my hope that they will both continue to be grateful for the opportunities life has blessed them with, and remember to always "pay it forward!"

May your Wednesday be wonderful!

                                                 A HAPPY TRIO!


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