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Thanks for joining me and three blogger buddies from I Teach K-2 for some giveaway fun!  We've rounded up some fabulous titles that primary grade students are sure to love reading again and again! 

Don't miss the opportunity to win six great Big Books! Enter the I Teach K-2 Giveaway from Dec. 11-Dec.16, 2016!

As a primary grade educator, I've always loved using Big Books in my lessons!  They are perfect for a small group retelling activity, partner print-tracking practice, large group choral reads, and identifying rhyming words in text with highlighter tape!  The following favorite titles are included in our fabulous giveaway prize:

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Our winner will be announced sometime Saturday, Dec. 17th! 

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I've included a FREEBIE for you that I created for my students
last winter!  It might be fun for you to use
either before or after your holiday break!

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As always, thank you for sharing my story!

Continue to hold a song in your heart and teach your children well!

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