Sunday Letters with Big Time Literacy

Hello my friends.....

Greetings from a weary teacher who survived my first four days of school, and tried to spend yesterday doing absolutely nothing school-related in order to relax and recuperate.  

I've been struggling to compose a post that summarizes how my week went in hopes of releasing some of the pent-up frustration and feelings, and decided that linking up with
Michelle from Big Time Literacy was the perfect place to help me balance the positives and the negatives.....

So here goes......

Dear New Second Graders,
I promise to greet each of you with a smile and a hug tomorrow morning as you enter Room #2.  I know that I might have been a little grouchy on Friday afternoon at bus time. I was feeling way outnumbered.  There are 28 of you and only one of me.  Our class is one of the biggest I've had ever in my 24-year teaching career, and I am overwhelmed.  Please be patient with me as I adjust to the sheer magnitude of my responsibilities.  You are all important to me, and we will find our way together.
Mrs. R.

Dear Union President & Colleagues,
Thank you for being my advocates in upholding the contractual clause that requires our district administrators to provide a paraprofessional aide in a class whose size exceeds the district primary average of 23 by 5.    Our back-to-school transition was made easier for me knowing that I had allies supporting my quest to provide a developmentally appropriate learning experience and environment for my little learners.

Dear Special Education Intervention Team,
Thank you for meeting with me on the second morning of school.   Your time, expertise, empathy, respect, and understanding meant the world to me. Together we will come up with a working plan.

Dear Rock Star Paraprofessional Aide,
Thank you for answering the last-minute call to be my extra eyes, ears, and hands on the first morning of the new school year.  Having you back in Room #2 as my "wing man" made our days better.  Thank you for being the "child whisperer."  Not only do you keep the students in our classroom family calm, you keep their teacher calm as well.

Dear Best Friends Who Are Not Elementary Teachers,
Thank you for just listening and letting me vent at dinner on Friday and at poolside yesterday.  You know that I am passionate about the children in my care, and I needed to just talk it all out.  I promise to "keep calm, stay strong, and carry on" as always. 
Jen Who Is Desperately Trying To Be More "Zen"

Dear Son & Daughter,
Thank you for understanding that your dear Mother was absolutely swamped this week, and that although I have not called or texted much, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. 
As always,
Mama Jen

Dear Rosie,
Thank you for taking long walks with me in the morning and again in the evening.  I know that your days are lonely and long when I am at school.  Thank you for not drawing attention to the tears that rolled down my cheeks some days.  They were necessary.  It's been a year since we lost Brutus, and I still miss him.  I know that you do too.
Your Basset Hound Mama  

Dear Lesson Plan Book,
Thank you for not judging me today.  I am not writing anything new in you this afternoon because we have a lot of "leftovers" from last week to accomplish tomorrow.....and the next day.  

Plus, the children in Room #2  just really need to practice waiting their turn to talk and staying in the line that stretches across a country mile so that they do not get separated from the teacher and give her a heart attack.  

We also need more time to play getting-to-know-you games and dance gleefully along to Go Noodle music videos when we just cannot sit at our squished-together desks for one minute longer.  

We also have lots of picture books with good life lessons hidden in them to read together.  
Warm Regards,
Mrs. R.

Dear Pete the Cat,
Thank you for bringing smiles to the faces of my students with your colorful school shoes and your magic sunglasses!  Fluency practice, rhyming, and story sequencing is "all good" when we do it with you.  You make our first reading and writing lessons feel "groovy." 
Rock On Always,
Your Biggest Fan

Dear Readers,
Thanks in advance for your understanding over the next few months if I am absent from this page.  My plate is full and I will need time to find some balance between my school and blogging/TpT life.
Know that your patience is appreciated!  Continue to share your story, hold a song in your heart, and teach your children well!
Peace Out,


  1. I love all your letters. I felt that same way on Friday afternoon. I am so grateful that on Monday morning they will greet me with smiling faces and happy hearts!

    1. Mondays are always a "fresh start," aren't they Carrie? I hope this week was a good one for you!

  2. I will be thinking of you and your 28, absolutely-lucky-to-have-you, second grade students. We are all here to support each other. Thank you for your ears and support and know that I'm here to do the same! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks for sending smiles across the miles, Em! I am breaking out my Mo Willems books this week, and I will think of you when I read them!

  3. Oh Jennifer, I feel for you! 28 is just too many darlings in one room. Best wishes to you as you begin the new year. Your students are lucky to have you!

    EduKate and Inspire

  4. Thinking of you and your 28---I have that many in 4th but I can't imagine that many little ones. That's awesome that you have people advocating for you to get an aide! Hoping this week goes much better and that you are able to find the right balance!
    Confessions of a Teachaholic

    1. Transitions with 28 little ones is a little like "herding cats," but I have re-thought our room arrangement and come up with some new signals to use hopefully things will be better, Caitlin! Thanks so much for your kind comments and support!