Daring To Dream....


I know!

Two blog posts in one day!

Who knew I had it in me?

This one has been rolling around my brain since before my trip to Vegas, and this morning when I found this set of photos I decided that the "story" needed to be written...

So here goes....


Almost six years ago, I began walking "the road less traveled" as a divorced mother
of two almost-adult children.  My nest was empty and my school-life was stressful.  I needed a happy place to escape to during the evening--a time to share, create, and network.  Both my blog and TpT store have provided both for me since November 2013.

 I have always been a writer and a lover of books.  I aspire to own a bookshop like the one
Meg Ryan loves in You've Got Mail.  Louisa May Alcott was one of my favorite authors growing up, and her spunky Jo was one of my most admired protagonists.

Most of the important milestones in my life can be defined in or described by song lyrics.
I am slowly building up the courage to share my musical "voice" here.  I recently figured out
how to create short YouTube audio clips of some of my
favorite folk and children's tunes.

You can give them a listen

These two provided quiet companionship when my life was most lonely,
and often serve as a daily source of inspiration and laughter.  It is just
Rosie and me now, but Brutus will always be with us in spirit.

Designing resources based on materials and activities that I use in my classroom so that other teachers can use them is a great source of personal and professional 
satisfaction for me.  My TpT store is full of freebies like it that strive
to make learning fun and engaging!

Click {HERE} to download this one!
You can read about how I use it to help build student word power
over at Adventures in Literacy Land {HERE}.

I am that teacher down the hall that marches to the beat of a slightly different drummer, and I have honestly found a more receptive audience to my "honor the child's learning style" and "be a reading warrior" soapbox speeches here.  I thank you for continuing to listen and sometimes echoing my
battle cry.  It is truly appreciated.

I have been told by some close friends who read my blog that it is almost like they are
sitting and having a conversation with me.  I am grateful for that perception, 
and hope that many will continue
to  enjoy walking along this road with me while I am wearing my 
music-inspired, storytelling. dog-loving shoes.

 One of the biggest blessings my foray into the TpT/blogging world has been
the new friendships I've been able to cultivate.  I am truly
grateful for the collaborative nature of my cyberspace life, and am 
so proud to be a member of such a warm, welcoming community!

My group of Ohio-Indiana blogger buddies was the first group to embrace me,
and they will forever be my favorites!  From luncheons at
Book Bums in Cinci to a Pajama Party in French Lick, 
we continue to support each other with smiles across the miles!

The women behind these logos have taught me so much
in the past 19 months, and I can only hope to return the favor
over time.  I thank them all profusely for helping me grow.

Know that I am most grateful for YOU--my readers-- and hope
that you will continue to walk this long and winding road with
me as I  continue move forward!  

I hope that you always
feel welcome here, and comfortable enough to ask for advice or support
in your own journey.

I will close this rambling reflection with a wonderful version of John Denver's 
complete with harmony sung by the Muppets!  

May it touch your heart and make you happy!

The days they pass so quickly now.
The nights are seldom long.
Time around me whispers when it's cold.
The changes somehow frighten me,
Still I have to smile.
It makes me glad to think of growing old.

I have to say it now,
it's been a good life all in all.
It's really fine to have the chance to hang around.
We'll lie there by the fire
and watch the evening tire
while my friends sit and watch the world go 'round.

Peace out, my friends...

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