Makeover Madness--TpT Seller Challenge 2015 Linky

Happy Sunday!

Know that Rosie is snoring contentedly next to me while I write this post.  It is a sunshiny, no-real-plans, need-another-cup-of-coffee kind of morning here, and it feels good to finally sit down and link up  for the Makeover Madness challenge hosted by these lovely ladies!

Emily from Third in Hollywood

Amber from Peppy Zesty Teacherista!  

Ashley from Teach Create Motivate

These four talented teacher-author-entrepreneurs have joined forces to help our entire blogging-selling community move forward, and I am so grateful for their hard work, collaborative effort, and organization!  Be sure to check out their blogs and click through their own product makeovers, as well as the collection listed in the link-up there!

Here is a pictorial description of my product re-do that their #tptchallenge2015 inspired!

I chose a product that I created last August to re-vamp and add to that was a big hit with my second graders, but needed a little more "meat" and a little less color.  I am VERY happy with the end result, and have put in on sale for 50% off through next Saturday, June 27th!  

Click {HERE} to visit my TpT store and read more about this product,
and check out this related literacy resource!

As always, thanks so much for sharing my story!  I'd love for you to take a few minutes and follow me by clicking through the Bloglovin', Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter icons in the top right corner of this page!  Thank you in advance for being a loyal follower!  Know that your trust and support make my heart happy!

Since June 14th, the stats I was asked to track for this #tptsellerchallenge2105
 have increased tremendously! 

Just this past Friday I met my personal milestone of 500 blog followers in less than two-years...
....and yes, it made my eyes "a little wet!"  

Read more about how gratifying my Stories and Songs journey has been {HERE}!

Let's keep learning and growing together by staying connected!

Continue to teach your children well!

Warm Regards,


  1. Great updates! {you may want to link up again, it had the wrong blog address :)}

    Sparkling in Second

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Jen! I will fix my link directly!

  2. LOVE this product!!!! It's too cute! Great job on your makeover!!
    Chandra @ Teaching with Crayons and Curls