Currently--June 2015

Greetings on this humid summer evening!

Rosie and I are just hanging out under the ceiling fan, trying to gather some energy before our evening walk.  Before we do that though, I just wanted to share some summer musings and link up with Farley for her June Currently party!

While my last day with students was June 3rd, I am still spending half-days at school shoveling out my cupboards and shelves.  The custodians just shake their heads when they come it to get my recycling bin and make sure I have not fallen into one of my many storage containers.  My estimated day for being done is next Monday.  We shall see...

But enough of my Borderline Teacher-Hoarder lament.  Let's get to the good stuff about what lies ahead for the month of June!

Sweet Baby James is my all-time favorite album from James Taylor, but his new one that is due out soon is definitely worth a listen!  Yo-Yo Ma plays cello and Sting sings back-up on some of the tunes!  Enjoy it  {HERE}!

Next weekend, my daughter will be home from Chicago for the first time in many months and her brother will also be in town for a few days!  It will be nice to catch up with both of them before they celebrate their cousin's wedding!

I am always on the lookout for more mentor texts that I can use to launch my lessons in all subject areas, and this post from Andrea at Study All Knight has me wanting to shop until I drop!  Check it out {HERE} to get some great titles to add to your classroom library wish list!

It is well-known throughout the hallowed halls of my school building that I am ALWAYS the last one to checkout for the summer.  This year is no different than last.  Clorox 2 wipes and trash bags are my trusty tools as I clean, pitch, store, and stock up.  I always swear that I am going to do a better job of "filing things away as the year goes" but then the tsunami of end-of-the-year activities hit and I get swamped.  I truly need an army of elves to just work their magic overnight and relieve my angst!

My Stories and Songs in Second swag has arrived and it is time for me to start making my bags to share with the friends I will meet-up with at July TpT Sellers Conference.   The fact that I am making this trek is a bit surreal for me, and I am sure that I am going to be a bit overwhelmed when I arrive. Heading there alone is a HUGE step for this anxiety-prone traveler, but I think I'll be just fine once I see the smiles and feel the hugs from my collaborative blogger buddies.  The Reading Crew, Adventures in Literacy Land, Teacher Deals & Dollar Steals, and The Primary Pack will be gathered all in one place to learn from each other and have a grand time!

Pool Time--Tuesday and Thursdays are Tankini Girl days for me in the summer time.  My three best friends and I lunch and lounge at poolside when the weather cooperates.  It is our place to shrug off all of our winter woes and let the sunshine warms our shoulders!  And yes, we sometimes add a little Moscato to the pink lemonade we sip through our straws!  We like the bubbles!

Naps--I continue to be an early riser during the summer months, and get most of my writing and product-creating work done during the quiet hours of the morning.  Consequently, a late afternoon nap is in order before waking up to watch Ellen at 4 p.m.  Being a lady of leisure refreshes me, and keeps me from being crabby in the evening!

Live Music--Listening to favorite local and touring bands at outdoor venues is one of my favorite pastimes!  Two weeks ago, I truly enjoyed dancing in the aisle to Earth, Wind & Fire and have tickets to see REO Speedwagon and Hall & Oates in concert later this summer.  Life is better when you can sing along to favorite songs from your youth!

Here's one that was an anthem during my college years and still rings true today!  The organ solo near the end is one of the best ever!  Click {HERE} and enjoy, Roll With The Changes!   Time For Me To Fly.... is another favorite!  It speaks to the "Phoenix rising" in me....

As always, continue to share your story, hold a song in your heart, and teach your children well. Thanks so much for sharing mine...

Peace out,


  1. No one truly appreciates naps like teachers do! :) Looks like you got some fun concerts coming up! We're in winter here in Australia, so I'm sure I'll be envious of your summer in due time!

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

    1. I just woke up from a two-hour nap, Stephanie! It felt good after being up a bit with Rosie during last night's thunderstorms. She is deathly afraid of thunder! Thanks so much for stopping by, and stay warm during your Australian winter!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link for mentor texts! I need to make some purchases as well now that I'm changing grade levels. Enjoy summer break! :)

    1. You are most welcome for the resource link! I am almost done packing away and covering things in my classroom, so summer is coming! Thanks so much for stopping by!