Teacher's Pets Linky Party--A Parade of Furry Friends

Greetings Pet Lovers!

Here I am.....a late hostess-with-the-mostess!  School time constraints, personal travel, and technological difficulties all prevented my post from going live with the rest of my blogger buddies this morning, but here it is...FINALLY!  

Thanks to Julie from A First For Everything for being my patient, organized, and positive partner in this endeavor, along with Amy, Lisa, and Marissa--and their pets!  We've been so excited about this linky, and hope that you'll join us in sharing what you love most about your personal and classroom pets!

I've even added this little giveaway as my way of apologizing for being tardy to the party!  Just leave a fun fact about your pet in the comment section below with your e-mail address, and I will choose two lucky winners Tuesday morning, March 17th, before I head to school!  My dear friend and blog designer Laine from A Little Peace of Africa has graciously donated this new set from her TpT store as a fun prize!

And now.... on to the real stars of this blog post......my old hound dogs.  If you are a loyal follower, you know that my beloved Brutus had to be put to sleep in late August 2014.  Rosie and I still miss him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  

He was blind, deaf, smelly, stubborn, and ornery.  He was also loyal, goofy, funny, and well-loved. Therefore, he needed to be included in this post.  Thanks in advance for humoring me!

I found Brutus and Rose on Petfinder, and brought them home from a shelter in Marysville, Ohio on March 16, 2011.  Their owner had passed away, and they'd been waiting to be adopted out together for a long time, since they were "life partners."  Because they were senior dogs--the vet guessed their age to be about 11-years-old--their chances of finding a forever home wasn't very good.  Their need for a safe place to spend their twilight years, my need for good company, and my natural caregiver instincts made us a perfect match!

Both hounds had a lot of medical and behavioral issues at first, but with patience, perseverance, and good-humor, we were able to establish a comfortable routine and rhythm to our life together.  They weren't accustomed to being walked on a leash, so our initial treks through the neighborhood were often comical and stress-inducing, but we learned to avoid bicycles and other dogs in order to stay safe!  We also learned that our mailman kept Milkbone treats in his pocket, and that our happy trio often made the drivers of passing cars smile when they saw us waddling along the sidewalk!

My favorite time with them was and still is our early morning hours.  We commune on the couch with coffee, music, and the quiet while waking up slowly.  Brutus always let me play with his floppy ears, and Rosie still rolls over so that I can rub her belly.  Many smiles, tears, triumphs, and troubles have been shared in the wrinkly folds on their faces during this quiet time together.

In the past, I've had a dwarf bunny, a gerbil, and a turtle as class pets.  The experiences were not easy or positive ones, so now we have a beloved stuffed class mascot when we read Betty Birney's delightful chapter book series, Humphrey the Hamster.   My second graders love taking turns holding the little bucket while I share a new chapter, and even made a little pencil, notebook, water bottle, and pile of Nutri Nibbles for him!

In addition to enjoying Humphrey stories, my class loves the following animal-themed books in our class library!

I also like to incorporate dog-themed activities into our daily writing activities, and designed these two literacy units to help my students practice their narrative writing and story sequencing skills.

Both feature custom-made clip art of Rosie and Brutus that I commissioned from Messare Clips and Designs.  You can find them {HERE} for only $2.00 each in my TpT store!  Both can be used as either center activities or as whole-group lesson materials.

My class also enjoys changing the words to this traditional song to R-O-S-I-E instead of B-I-N-G-O as well!  We just put our new lyrics on large chart paper and clap it out loud and proud!

BINGO music video from 

Orvis is a great catalog resource for all of your pet needs, especially if your dog(s) are old!  Rosie's legs are very short and getting more arthritic, and her cataracts are beginning to cloud her eyes, so I will be investing in this car/bedside ramp soon!  This cooling mat is a good idea for when she is outside on the deck with me this summer.  I don't have much shade in my backyard, and I think it will keep her more comfortable as she watches me pull weeds in the rose garden and scouts squirrels!

This post would not be complete without mentioning a place that is near and dear to my Basset Hound Mama heart.  I often tell friends that I am going to retire there to sit on the porch and just take care of old dogs.  The Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary accepts donations to help feed, care for, and transport dogs that are homeless.  The volunteers there work tirelessly to find homes for the dogs that come to them, and contributions are greatly appreciated!

I created this creative writing booklet to help my class celebrate Stuffed Friend Day last fall, and it was a big hit!  Each student brought their favorite stuffed animal from home, and then authored and illustrated their own book about it!  You can find it {HERE} in my TpT store!  Thank you in advance for leaving thoughtful feedback!

Now it is your turn to join our party!  Just follow these directions and link-up when you have time! Thanks in advance for your time, effort, and participation!  I can't wait to hop through and feel the "puppy (and kitty, snake, iguana, bird or hamster) love!"

Be sure to enter our grand giveaway as well, and share it on social media!  Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word!

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As always, continue to share your story, sing your own special song, teach your children well, and hold a special place in your heart for your furry friends!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post about Brutus and Rosie! I think it is wonderful that you rescued both of them --especially since they came as a pair. I am sure Brutus was an awesome companion, and I don't doubt that it is difficult for you and Rosie. The loss of a pet is really heartbreaking! Thank you so much for the Orvis website--I am checking it out! Anyway, I am having so much fun perusing through all of the bloggers that have linked up in this linky party. The parade of pets is awesome! Thanks for sharing....and I am your newest follower!

    Mind Sparks