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I am just wildly giddy to welcome you to my little corner 
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Today we are honoring our first birthday, and are so glad
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Adventures in Literacy Land

When I received the e-mail in December from
Andrea over at Reading Toward the Stars 
inviting me to be a collaborator, it was honestly the
BEST Christmas present ever!  This signature button with a TIARA
made my heart explode with happiness!
 Know that I am honored to be a member of this group of talented and
dedicated reading advocates and educators, and hope that my
upcoming posts will be worthy and helpful to you!
If you missed my November guest post about using Word Nerds  to develop
vibrant vocabulary lessons, you can read it

Today I am happy to participate in our blog hop
and share my passion for using poetry
to improve the fluency skills of primary grade students!

Much of the action research project I conducted during my master's program
was devoted to studying the work of Timothy Rasinski, and I continue
to use repeated readings as a means of improving
students' ability to read with automaticity, expression, and
proper cadence or rhythm.  This 2nd edition of his book contains
a gold mine of resources and ideas!

My free resource was designed with fluency improvement in mind,
and includes three
short, rhymed verses about arctic animals
that primary students can read in a variety of formats,
by themselves or
with a partner, 
and many different times!

 Click HERE to see it in my store!

Be sure you are sharing a variety of quality trade books aloud with your students
and incorporating music into your daily oral language activities as well!

Click HERE for the link to The Learning Station video!

If you like to integrate writing
with your poetry studies, then you might like this related literacy
pack that has three more original verses about polar
animals, as well as ten task card prompts!


As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing my story!
May you continue to make your own kind of music, sing your own
special song, and teacher your children well!
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 Cathy Colliet


  1. I used Tim Rasinski's work in my research paper as well. :) Thanks for sharing a great resource!
    Not very fancy

    1. You are most welcome, Deb! Thanks for your kind comment! I hope you enjoyed the hop!

  2. I had the privilege of attending one of Timothy Rasinski's workshops. What an amazing experience!! Welcome to our group!

    Hanging Out in First!

    1. I aspire to attend a seminar with Rasinski sometime in my teaching life, Jessica! Thanks for the warm welcome! It is a pleasure and a privilege to be a member of the royal court!

  3. I love your little poems and ideas for using them. I needed something for helping some of mine to spot rhyming words so this is perfect - thank you!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. So glad you found the pack useful! My second graders LOVE to be "rhyming word detectives" when we read them! Enjoy!

  4. CUTE poems!!! Thank you so much for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher

    1. You are very welcome, Julie! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Welcome to the Adventures in Literacy Land group! So glad that your crown made your heart happy. <3

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Wendy! I am so happy to be a member of the royal court!

  6. Great post! I love how specific you are and all the different ideas that you provide. I look forward to using these poems with my kids! They are going to really enjoy them.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post, Em! Thanks so much for your warm welcome!