Welcome Friends!

I got caught up in the whirlwind of my blogiversary celebration 
ending last Thursday, 
and then the Facebook Free-For-All starting, 
and never posted a complete list of giveaway winners here!
I put them out on Facebook and Instagram, but also wanted to share the
 good news here for all to cheer!

I truly apologize for my "senior moment!" 
There are honestly not enough 
Post-It  notes out there these days to help 
me keep track of all of the aspects of my life!  

As I age, it is certainly harder
to multi-task....and to remember where I left my keys 
and put my glasses.

My students are aways helping me find the stapler I
seem to have misplaced, or the pile of papers
"I just had in my hand a minute ago!"

  Can you relate to this problem too?

Today's first "shout out" goes to the four talented gals 
whose clip art made my daily giveaways possible!
They were all so gracious, generous, and 
good-humored about helping me celebrate!
Be sure to show them some love as the 
holiday season unfolds!

On a special and personal side note, Jen from Teaching in the Tongass just delivered a bouncing baby boy named Oliver last week, and in her own proud Mama words...
"He is way cuter than clip art!"

Click on each button to visit these stores!



 Teaching in the Tongass

 ZipADeeDooDah Designs

As the rest of this month unfolds, be sure to watch for a 
new banner, badge, and logo in my TpT store!

is working with me to come up with a new custom look!
 My attempts to make them myself have been feeble 
and futile, and I cannot wait to 
see what she designs for me!  

You can message her at
 if you are also interested! 

Click on the Facebook page link above to see sample 
logo buttons she recently posted there!

on to my list of giveaway winners!

It was such a fun week, with so much activity on my blog and fun comments from you!
In the words of Elphaba and Glinda from the Broadway musical, 
"it made me feel popular!"

I tried to respond to everyone, and appreciated the "conversations" 
we had about favorite Disney movies,  
"go-to" TpT resources, and teaching life!

Please feel free to leave thoughts  today on how 
your school staff  lifts each others spirits and 
lifts each other up.  

My colleagues and I are really feeling the weight of our

data-driven, assessment-heavy world, and
need some ideas on how to relieve it!

I hope to put all of your ideas, along with some of mine, together 
in an upcoming blog post for 
The Primary Pack 
on Nov. 26th and will be sure to credit you!

One thing that I try to do every year, is organize our staff 
SECRET SANTA exchange, 
It kicks-off this Wednesday, November 19th,  
and ends the day before 
our winter break, Dec. 20th. 

 I am hoping that by leaving
little , daily surprises for the person whose name I draw,  
her holiday will be a little easier, a bit brighter, and a lot more merry!

Speaking of sharing best wishes, 
you need to join this
party over at
Mrs. Dailey's Class!

She is having a Birthday Bash that started today, Nov. 16th, 
and runs through Tuesday, Nov. 18th!

It features a link-up of over 100 TpT sellers who've priced some
of their favorite resources at $1!  Check it out by clicking the link below to get to the product map and save, save, save! 

Treat yourself to some worthy learning activities that 
will make lesson-planning much less
time-consuming during this busy season!

Look for my four thematic writing packs that are
 literature-based and will keep your students 
engaged and enthused
about learning during the month 
of December!

to hop over to 
Mrs. Dailey's Classroom!


As always, thanks for stopping by to share my story!  Continue to keep calm, teach on, and do what's best for the children in your care!

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