Happy Weekend!
After last Sunday's failed attempt to be a linky party "hostess with the most-ess,"  I've decided to just happily be a participant in another blogger buddy's effort to "pay it forward" every week!

Hooray for Brooke over at  
for sponsoring this fun way to promote something on sale in my store, as well as one of my favorite teacher-seller's products!


Using picture books as "mentor texts" to teach important 
reading strategies and skills to my second graders is a passion of mine, as is incorporating music and movement in my lessons whenever possible.  
My motto is "there is a story and song to share for every topic!"  
Hence,the name of my blog!  

This book companion pack combines my love of both music and literature, and makes it easy for YOU to do the same!

This holiday-themed book companion is currently
50% off through my professional development day tomorrow, and features a rhyming word Scoot-style game based on vocabulary from Erica Silverman's classic story, Big Pumpkin.

This resource also features a Pocket Chart Chant
and class booklet or Reader's Theater script for A-Haunting We Will Go,
a holiday adaptation of the traditional folk song,
A-Hunting We Will Go!

My students LOVE making up their own silly rhyming pairs for
their favorite Halloween characters and fall creatures!
Who wouldn't like to catch a spider and put it in some apple cider?
Or how about catching a mouse and putting it in a haunted house?

I apologize for the poor quality of this picture!  It was taken when I was in a flu-induced haze yesterday, and the lighting in my living room was not good!
 A thorough description is available in the product link, and some 
preview pages follow below!  

Doesn't the clip art from
Sarah at Educasong and Krista Wallden just make you happy?!?!?
I must confess that I have a little bit of an addiction to it!
(Pssst.....BOTH designers are having a SALE today!)


 Click {HERE} if you'd like a complete description of this
varied set of activities designed to improve fluency and phonemic awareness skills and encourage your students to read and write with rhymes!
 if you are looking for worthwhile Math resources for all grade levels, then my friend Amanda's store is your "go-to" place for  quality and innovation!
Amanda has been a great mentor to me since I began my TpT and blogging journey last November, and I would not have walked this road as easily without her continued kindness, endless technical expertise, and solid guidance! 
I truly get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I think of all
of the help she has given me since my very first Facebook Free-for-all.
Please excuse me while I dab my eyes with a tissue and take 
a moment to compose myself!  I just get overwhelmed with gratitude, and am waiting for the day when she and I get to meet in person!  I am going to give her a great big hug, and then have a story time (or a tea party) with her cute and spunky daughters!
Ladies and gentleman, drum roll please!
I just purchased her newest resource, and will spend some time today printing it out to help me better track my student's fact fluency progress!
Check it out in her store {HERE}!
Be sure to head over to Countless Smart Cookies to check out the other posts about featured items and favorite teachers!  Be sure to
"follow" their stores and leave feedback on any freebies you
download or purchases you make!

What better way to spend a Sunday than paying it forward and 
staying positive, right?

As always, know that I appreciate your readership and love reading your comments!   Feel free to "stay connected" by using the social media
buttons at the top of this page!
Continue to share your story, hold a song in your heart, keep a smile on your face, and teach your children well!

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  1. What a great post you shared! I am so happy you linked up and I found your blog. We are very similar because I LOVE teaching songs to go with my lessons. You are completely right- "there is a story and song to share for every topic!" I love that!
    I am now following you on TpT and The Primary Gal. I am off to follow you on all of your other social networks! Yay for collaboration! :D Thanks so much for linking up!

    Brooke from Countless Smart Cookies
    Countless Smart Cookies