Happy Saturday Folks!
Today I am going to go all "retro" on you as I find myself reminiscing
about just "How in the world?" my whole blogging/TpT life began this afternoon....

I invite you to step into my time machine and travel backwards to last November.  It was the Saturday morning after surviving Parent-Teacher Conference Week.  I had slept soundly and without stress for the first time in awhile, and was happily perusing my favorite teacher blogs while sipping a Caramel Marvel. I might also have been eating a bagel--or a donut--but I can't quite remember, so I will just get on with my story.....
I came across a video tutorial on Amy Lemon's blog, Step Into Second Grade, about "How To Make TpT Product Covers" and right then and there decided that I was going to try and create my first resource.  I'd always cut-and-pasted with clip art in Microsoft Word to whip up worksheets, flyers, posters, newsletters, and classroom displays, but it was time to "step up my game."  I registered for a TpT account, searched for some free graphics, bought some font licenses, 
read the rules, and sat down to work.  Forty-eight hours, a LOT of coffee, and a few colorful spurts of language later,  this content-filled--but not so pretty product-- was born of PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Pro....
 Doesn't the turkey look panicked and like he just wants to run off of the page?  
That is exactly how I felt before I hit the Teachers Pay Teachers upload button!
When some blessed person finally bought my resource, I think I might have cried and laughed and whooped for joy all at the same time!  What a great feeling it was to know that someone thought my work was WORTHY!  The personal and professional satisfaction that comes from being creative had been missing from my daily teaching life, and it felt really GOOD to find it again!

I hope that whoever it was that "filled my bucket" on that life-changing day last year is reading this, and will download the improved version I just
put the finishing touches on 

Doesn't the adorable Whimsy Clip and DJ Inkers clip art just make you happy?!
Be sure to take a look at the product preview for a better idea of what is included in this literacy pack that focus on 
building vocabulary and response writing!

I am working on a collage of all of the picture books I used last year to introduce each of the writing activities included in this collection.  They provided a delightful blend of fiction and non-fiction read aloud experiences for my second graders, and will be featured in another blog post once I get my progress reports done!

I know that some of you probably aren't even thinking about Thanksgiving until you get through the tricks and treats of October, but I just felt the need to express my gratitude for the many positives in my life at this point.  I thank you for indulging me and letting me do so!
If you'd like to read the TOP TEN LISTS of all the things I am thankful for, 
then I invite you to stop over at 

tomorrow morning, Sunday, Oct. 26th, to
see what makes my heart full, and scoop up my new
thematic FREEBIE!

As always, thanks for sharing my story!  I will be celebrating my one-year BLOGIVERSARY very soon and can't wait to offer you some great giveaway opportunities in celebration of my milestone!  I will also be sharing how THAT story started way back when I decided to give myself a 53rd birthday present, so stay tuned!
Until then, keep calm, sing on, continue to teach your children well, and keep on believing!

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