I have to honestly admit that I hesitated to link up with Ruth Ayres and post here this evening....
The beginning of this week did not yield too many 
memorable, celebratory moments.
For the first time in the 23 years of my teaching life, I felt anxiety and trepidation on the first day of school 

I cried through the car ride there.   

I felt overloaded by new curricular materials and state teacher evaluation requirements, and I did not feel rested or ready to return even after nine weeks of summer break.  

I felt like I still had so much more organizing and preparing to do, even after endless hours of setting up my classroom.

And then..... the morning bell rang.
A flood of young children poured through the front doors, down the primary hallway, and I heard these words.....

They came gushing out of a little girl who had made coming to school last year an absolute joy for me.
She gave me a ferocious hug and a letter she'd written with her 
picture glued in the corner.
She then proceeded to walk into my classroom and head directly to this space that was her favorite, as well as mine.

She greeted our stuffed book buddies like old friends and perused the 
"teacher favorites" bookshelf to see what was new to my collection. 
She noticed that my guitar was in a different case and needed to know why.
She then twirled around, and in her best "teacher assistant voice" said,
"Boys and girls, I was in this class last year and 
you are SO lucky to be in Room #2  now!"

Her gleeful testimonial brought a smile to my face and jump-started my heart.
  It revived me.
It reminded me that all of the "hard stuff" I had been worrying about needed to be pushed back, 
and that celebrating the magic I am blessed
to create with children I care about
should always be my priority.
In the days ahead, I will seek this child out when I am struggling or slogging through paperwork.  

I will stop at her lunch table for a chat about what she is reading, or what new story she is writing.
I will visit with her in the bus line at dismissal time.  

I will let her energy and enthusiasm for learning
recharge my "teacher battery" and keep me going.
I will let her light shine, and remind me of how much I loved school at her age, as well as the teachers that instilled that feeling in me.
I will celebrate the privilege of 
being her past teacher and present mentor.

As always, thanks for stopping in to share my story.  May you continue to share yours, hold a song in your heart, share a smile, wish upon a star, teach your children well, and find shining moments to celebrate....
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  1. What a wonderfully sweet story, so glad you chose to share it with us! Yes, the new mandates by those who have never taught are drowning us in work, but the kids are an awesome reminder that we need to keep on doing what we do best! Give that little one an extra hug!

    1. Thanks for your moral support, Sebrina! My little fan is only three doors down the hallway, so she is in close proximity for hugs, high fives, and very animated conversations!

  2. I know JUST what you mean. I am dreading what we call "Management Day" which is our first teacher inservice day. It doesn't do much but make me feel that all the work I've put in to making my classroom special will not be noticed if my kids are not reading at 15th grade level (is that such a thing?). Stay true to yourself and the do what's right for the kids. It will be okay. Breath in their love. Happy new learning year!

  3. Wonderful! I think you probably captured how many of may have felt on that first day. I know I was not feeling ready this year. I was not as excited as I typically am. I was holding on to summer very tightly. But you are right. Those kids showed up whether I was ready or not and reminded me why I love my job so much. We are so lucky to have those little ones in our lives!

  4. Thank you for sharing. It can be so stressful getting ready for a new school year and all the new things that we need to learn. This is a wonderful reminder that in the end, it really is all about the students!

    1. Thank you for commenting! My first seven days of school have gone by in a blur, but there have been many shining moments with my new crew in Room #2! I hope that your school year is off to a good start as well!