Eleven days.
That is how much time I have left until my new crew of second graders comes stampeding into the Rockin' R Ranch!  

My classroom is no where near ready, but it will be!  

My daughter has been an absolute life-saver when it comes to bulletin board decor, and it is a good thing because I just seem to start a task--like cleaning out one of my supply cupboards--and then it morphs into a giant mess which makes me want to just sit down.... and cry.....
and eat cookies....and go home.... 
and take a nap.
Do you ever feel that way? 
Like the whole 
 and creating
just gets to be a little overwhelming at times?
Friends and family members who are not educators really don't understand the anxiety-inducing, exhaustion-producing process that getting ready to go back-to-school involves.  They kind of look at me funny when my answer to their question about my plans for Friday night is,
"I'm laminating and cutting out a bajillion desk, locker, mailbox, and bus tags, and making 20 birthday bags!"
The cashier at the grocery store just shakes her head and comments, "Boy, you must be planning on doing a lot of dishes!" when I purchase a dozen plastic tubs for my Word Work and Math Manipulative stations.
The manager at the Dollar Tree smiles and says, "Hey, you're back AGAIN!" when I come in to spend oodles of moola on extra supplies, snacks, and other essentials needed to stock my desk drawers. 

The FedEx delivery guy hands over yet another Amazon box and asks,
"MORE books?"

And so, the "to-do" list of what we need to accomplish as summer winds downs gets longer as our days of "vacation" get shorter.  I thought I'd help ease your angst a little by offering seven of my favorite resources at 20% off for the next three days!  I hope that they will ease the strain on both your pocketbook and your mind, and bring a little peace to your planet!


Just keep reminding yourself that being back among the children will be the reward for the time and hard work you've  invested, and that their laughter, questions, insights, energy, and excitement about their new experience will remind us all of the true joy in our journey!  

May your days ahead be full of songs, stories, and special moments as you get to know and love the little learners entrusted to your care....

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