It's a quiet first Friday in August here and I am communing with my hounds, wearing my favorite tie-dye t-shirt, listening to acoustic folk rock music, and preparing this post for the monthly CURRENTLY link-up party hosted by 
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Are you curious about what is happening in my life as the new month unfolds?  
Read on for a somewhat sentimental list....
Acoustic folk rock music is my favorite, and 
I've admired Neil Young's thoughtful lyrics and signature guitar riffs 
since the early '70's.  I've included the words and
videos of two of my favorites, so that you can listen too!
Feel free to sing along and smile.... 
by Neil Young 
Old man look at my life
I'm a lot like you were
Old man look at my life
I'm a lot like you were
Old man look at my life
Twenty four and there's so much more
Live alone in a paradise
That makes me think of two
Love lost, such a cost
Give me things that don't get lost
Like a coin that won't get tossed
Rolling home to you
by Neil Young
Think I'll go out to Alberta, weather's good there in the fall
I got some friends that I could go to working for
Still I wish you'd change your mind,
If I asked you one more time
But we've been through this a hundred times or more...

Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high
All those things that don't change come what may
If a good times are all gone, and I'm bound for moving on
I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way.

If I get there before the snow flies, and if things are looking good
You could meet me if I sent you down the fare
But by then it would be winter, not to much for you to do
And those winds sure can blow cold way out there...

I always tell people that being the mother of these two
children has been, and continues to be, 
"greatest work."
My heart belongs to them, and they make
me so very proud.....

This novel was recommended to me by a 5th grade teacher at my school.  It is about a young boy named Auggie who was born with with severe facial deformities, a kind heart, sharp wit, and keen intelligence.  The story describes his experience in middle school from his perspective, as well as from the viewpoint of his teachers, peers, family members, parents, and administrators.
Please promise me that you will read it before your school year begins, because it will remind you of this very simple but important 
classroom rule and precept.....

When given the choice between being 
right and being kind,
choose kind.

Tomorrow I am supposed to drive out to a lovely, rural arboretum to enjoy an afternoon of hand-crafted arts & crafts, good food, and live, Woodstock-era music.  I am hoping that the rain that is predicted will NOT dampen the festivities, and that the sun will shine on 
the "hippie chick" in my soul and honor the wisdom
of these words.....

While I was at school today unpacking boxes of new materials and feeling quite overwhelmed, I unearthed this note from my desk drawer.  It was written by one of my students last May as our year together was winding to a close.  Finding this tiny piece of "fan mail" was just the boost I needed to 
help me get enthused and excited about meeting 
my upcoming group of students...

As always, thanks for being a loyal reader and follower.  Know that your time, ideas, and comments are indeed appreciated!
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 May you continue to teach your children well, wish upon a star, follow your dreams, share your story, hold a song in your heart, and 
do what makes you happy.....

Peace out,
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  1. I love it when I find random love notes from my students. I have so often had to pack up my entire room and move floors or classrooms that by the end, I'm shoving things everywhere just to be done....the best part is, a few love notes get put in the weirdest places and then I find them when unpacking the following year and it's really fun and sweet to find those and remember how much fun I had with my class.

    1. It made me smile to find the note, and I hope that I will find more as I clean out cupboards and empty boxes. We have to box our rooms up every year so that the custodians can wash walls, wax floors, etc. and it is quite an undertaking! Thanks for commenting! I am your newest follower!

  2. Super cute post!!! I loved reading your currently. Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

    1. Thanks for commenting! I enjoyed reading your Currently as well!

  3. What an adorable blog! I love the little music note animations!

    I love the message behind Wonder! Such a great book! Happy reading! Keeping my fingers crossed that the rain doesn't ruin your plans for the festival! Best of luck for the upcoming school year!


    1. The guitar "gif" was just designed and added by Barb at Ruby Slippers Blog Designs! I just love it! Thanks for commenting! I hope your school year is a great one as well!