Greetings from this semi-absentee blogger!  

It has been one week since I posted here and I am writing today to confess the reason.....

I have been standing at a crossroads of sorts, trying to decide which direction I want to take my teacher-author-entrepreneur pursuits as the challenges of the new school year begin.  As much as I enjoy creating products for TpT, I often hesitate when it comes time to sell them.  I honestly would much rather give them away. Not that I can really afford to do that, but it just really tickles me to know that another teacher and his/her students somewhere are enjoying and learning from something that works for me in my classroom.  Whenever I get an e-mail notification about a new purchase, I aways giggle a little and think, 
"Oh!  I hope they like it!"  Know that it gives me great personal and professional satisfaction to share my resources with you!

That said, I must tell you that writing reflectively, humorously, seriously, and thoughtfully on my blog is truly my new favorite thing to do, and I am going to try and focus on doing more of it as summer comes to a close and autumn unfolds.  I hope to carve out a unique "niche" in cyberspace over the next few months, and truly find my "voice"-- not only as a seasoned educator (with strong opinions some time)-- but as a reader, thinker, musician, parent, friend, and dreamer.

Today's Wordless Wednesday photo--blurry yes, but at least it is not upside down--gives a bit of a "sneak peek" at the type of musings may be included in my future posts.  I hope that you will stop back often to read and comment, as well as eventually join in when I am ready to host my first "link up" party!  Life lessons, song lyrics, lattes, and laughter are what will continue to see us all through, right?

I found this journal notebook while shopping the other day, and stopped in my tracks as I read through the tough questions included on the inside pages.  The one above reads:

"If you didn't have to worry about making a living, 
what would you most like to do with your life?"

My answer would be to own a children's bookshop that sells smoothies and coffee by day, and hosts acoustic folk music, poetry readings, and wine tastings by night!  I would be not only be the proprietor, but also the "Story Lady" and folk singer.   I would not be allowed to serve the beverages, because I tend to spill--
a lot!  I would be allowed to visit, chat, and share the magical combination of stories and songs with my customers though--both young and old alike.  

I would probably call my establishment Stories and Songs, or maybe The Lyric & Latte Library.  I imagine that it would have a reading loft that looks like a tree house, and also a porch with rocking chairsIt would hopefully have an old, docile dog roaming about--just like the favorite record store of my teen and college years--and softly muted quilts in batik fabrics on the walls.

Families and other folks that frequent my "corner of the sky" would ask their friends, "Have you been to the very cool, peaceful new place that is run by a very quirky-but-happy hippie-type chick?"  Former students would come sit "criss-cross applesauce" in their "space bubbles" and smile when I use my "Frog" and "Toad" voices while reading Arnold Lobel's classic tales.  They might even get up and do the Hokey Pokey with me if the spirit moved them.  I would always include this personal anthem and song from the musical Pippin in my Open Mic Night repertoire....

Everything has a season,
everything has a time.
Show me a reason,
and I'll soon show you a rhyme.
Cats sit on a window sill.
Children sit in the snow.
I don't seem to fit in anywhere I go....

Rivers belong where they can ramble.
Eagles belong where they can fly.
I've got to be
where my spirit can run free.
Got to find my corner
of the sky... 

What do YOU dream of doing differently with your life if
opportunity knocked?

As always, thanks for stopping by!  Continue to share your story, 
hold a song in your heart, and teach your children well!   Be sure to visit 
Miss DeCarbo's  Sugar and Spice  blog for more 
Wordless Wednesday posts!

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