Printing, laminating, copying, collating, and organizing have kept me busy this week as I prepare to meet my new group of second graders on August 21st, and I cannot wait to introduce them to the "Poetry Corner" that I have created for my classroom!  All of the materials that I will use there were designed and compiled by my friend and fellow blogger Melissa of Teacher Treasure Hunter,  and are "just right" for building fluency, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and rhyming skills all year round.  

Melissa's resource includes four sets of seasonal literacy posters that support the Common Core ELA standards for reading and listening to poetry, and can be used in many different ways in grades K-3.  Her collection includes a nice variety of non-fiction and fiction poems, as well as both serious and silly verses.

The focus of my product review will be the variety of summer and fall poems that are featured in this resource.  There are 16 that relate to the weather, animals, nature, and activities of each season, and all include appealing graphics and easy-to-read fonts that can be printed in either color or black ink. 

The poems can also be printed as letter-size posters for display, projected as pages from the PDF file for group choral reads, or copied into a student booklet that can be sent home for additional practice.  Miss Mary Mack, The Crocodile, and Way Up High in the Apple Tree are just a few of the familiar and well-loved poems featured in this unit bundle.



I absolutely love to use rhymed poetry in my daily phonics instruction to help my second graders review familiar "hunk and chunks" or spelling patterns in words like -ick and -ow.  A Purple Cow and Miss Polly Called the Doctor are two poems included in this resource that are perfect for doing just that!  I then put out Scrabble letter tiles in our Word Work station for them to practice building new -ick and -ow words of their own!  Who needs flash cards when you have lessons inspired by real-life literature, right?


Be sure to visit Melissa's TpT store and add this great four-season collection
of children's poetry to your cart while it is on sale. Each group of seasonal poems is normally sold individually for $4 each, so if you buy the complete collection of before Sunday, it's like getting one set for free!  She has many
other wonderful literacy and math products as well!  

Don't forget to stop by her blog too!  

She also has a fabulous iPad Mini Giveaway scheduled to go live
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Special thanks goes out to Cara Taylor for organizing and hosting this event!  Be sure you visit her blog {HERE}, as well as the others listed below!  Many are hosting giveaways and special deals on their featured products! 

Happy hopping and thanks for stopping by!  As always, continue to share you story, hold a song in your heart, and teach your children well.

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing my Poetry Packs. You gave me new ideas on how to use them! I love your idea for the take-home fluency folder. I'm going to have to use that one. :) My kids love using highlighters also so it's always fun when they get to do things like look for rhyming words. Thanks for sharing!!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

    1. I think I am going to try and print four poems to a page, cut them apart, laminate them, and put them on a ring that can also be kept in a basket in the poetry corner for the kids to do a quick re-read. I may even keep a set by the door to read while we are waiting for the bus or getting ready to recess so they can recite the short ones from memory, or even call out the rhyming pairs of words they hear!

  2. You are most welcome, Cara! I love using and reviewing blogger buddy resources!