It is Tuesday my friends, and that means I've marked down two of my products just for today!  Both are 50% off and fan favorites!

The Teaching Tribune has a lot more deals listed from some great TpT stores, so be sure to stop over to check them out!


Last month I introduced my second graders to the wonderful folklore of the Wild West with language-rich picture books like Jan Brett's Armadillo Rodeo and exciting chapter books like Mary Pope Osbourne's Magic Tree House mystery,  
Ghost Town At Sundown

The cowboy "lingo"  in these and many of the other southwest folktales I also shared-- like Armadilly Chili, There Was A Cowboy that Swallowed an Ant, and Cinder Elly-- served as a wonderful springboard for many lessons designed to expand vocabulary and develop rhyming skills.  After sharing all of the books mentioned above, this thematic "scoot" game then served as a great read-and-write the room review and/or mini-assessment activity!  It can be used independently or by student partners at a literacy station as a matching game, or by the whole group for a rootin' tootin' read-and-write the room time!


I also try to include music and literature links in most of my products, as well as suggestions for art extension projects!  Head on over to my store to rustle up this versatile resource that your posse of learners is sure to love! 

Today's other sale product is a personal favorite of mine, and will appeal to the Junior Detectives in your classroom!  I created it after completing a genre study of different mysteries with my students, and they had a great time creating 
TOP SECRET files by answering questions and solving clues 
about themselves and each other!


Click HERE to see a complete post about how to use and assemble this resource as either a beginning-of-the-year getting acquainted activity or 
an end-of-the-year memory book!

May your Two for Tuesday experience be terrific as you track down some deightful deals!  How's that for awesome alliteration?! 

Continue to keep calm, teach on, share your story, send smiles across the miles,
and hold a song in your heart,


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