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My favorite part of getting my classroom ready for a new group of students is decorating it with bright and colorful bulletin boards, posters, displays, and labels.  My colleagues are always curious to see what theme I either recycle from years past or create anew!

In honor of my family's upcoming trip to the Black Hills of  South Dakota, I have decided that Room #2 will celebrate the Wild West this fall with a rootin' tootin' round up of learning fun!

I've been working on a variety of products for this theme, and happily just finished my  
It is price at 50% off until 7 p.m. tomorrow, Sunday, June 22nd!  Be sure to grab it for $1.00 in my TpT Store and leave feedback!   Also, make sure to click on the green star near my picture while your there to "follow me" and receive notifications about more new product uploads and upcoming sales!

This resource is designed to put a new spin on the traditional classroom "job chart." Instead of an assortment of students being responsible for a variety of tasks each week, one student is chosen every day to be the "teacher assistant."  Your cowboys and cowgirls will take turns serving as your Deputy Sheriff  by leading the line, passing out papers, turning off the lights, delivering messages to the office, etc.

Either name cards or student photos can be drawn from a tin bucket or jar and displayed on the WANTED posters provided.  The sheriff's badges included can either be attached to a ribbon or lanyard and worn like a necklace.  A poster is also provided for each day's helper to sign their "autograph" using a dry erase marker! 

The labels shown above are not included in this product, but they can be found by clicking my button

in the Classroom Decorations section of the FREEBIE MENU
on The Primary Gal's Facebook page.  You will also find plenty of other great resources for Behavior Management, Classroom Organization, Classroom Posters, Interactive Notebooks, Guided Math, and Guided Reading!

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Stock Up Tab #1

This versatile set include 36 tags that you can edit, type on, and use to label classroom storage areas and book bins.  They can also be used to make group discussion call cards, dismissal-time backpack tags, or student log-in cards to take to the computer lab! 

If you are looking for materials to help remind your classroom posse of the rules and reinforce making positive choices, be sure to click on  
Stock Up Tab #2 
to grab my 
positive behavior sampler pack.  

 This freebie includes individual-sized color-coded behavior cards that affords students the opportunity to "move up" when they improve their behavior, as well as a set of miniature posters that feature the five Whole Brain Teaching rules developed by Chris Biffle.  Build a classroom of "bucket fillers" by reinforcing positive behaviors and setting consistent expectations!

Plan to round up these great back-to-school resources up all weekend long!  This link will take you to The Primary Gal's Facebook page.  Once you are there, look for the pink "Start Here" tab in the left margin!  As always, keep calm, teach on, share your story, and hold a song in your heart!  


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