Welcome Friends!

Today's post is short and sweet, and will hopefully appeal to the "reading detective" in you!  

You will need to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, conjure up your best Nancy Drew sleuthing skills, and call in the Hardy Boys to help figure out whose blog I admire the most!

Amanda over at The Primary Gal has organized the "big reveal" to go live this Saturday, but until then I will be posting clues about one of my favorite 
teacher-author-entrepreneur's identity!  Be sure to stop in to make your predictions in the comments below as the week unfolds!  There will be a link to a fun FREEBIE from my blogger buddy on April 12th (as well as something fun from me), so be sure to check it out!

Here are the first two clues! Watch for the other three on my
FACEBOOK PAGE tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday!  Enjoy!


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