Hello Super Sleuths!

Has the suspense just been too much to bear?  Do you think you know who I've been posting clues about all week?  Well my friends, the time has come to reveal her secret identity, but first let me tell you how I became her faithful follower!

Once upon a time, there was a veteran educator and wannabe teacher-author who was surfing through cyberspace one rainy afternoon during the summer of 2013. Eventually, she stumbled upon a bright, cheerful, and stocked-full-of-good ideas blog that caught her eye and her imagination!  Not only was it designed in stunning shades of pink and turquoise, it had a WESTERN theme!  

Know that as a little gal growing up in Ohio, I loved heading to horse camp in the summer, so the blog's title just tickled my fancy!  As I began reading through the posts, I hopped over to the Teacher's Pay Teachers store via the link, and BAM.... yet another follower and fan of SADDLE UP FOR SECOND GRADE was born!

I have continued to read Marcy's blog faithfully since then, and own many of her engaging and creative TpT products!  What I most appreciate about her blog and resource style is that she is practical, humble, and a whole lot of fun!  She was also kind and gracious enough to respond to Facebook page messages I sent when I was just getting started, and answered many questions patiently and helpfully. For that, this teacher-blogger-entrepreneur "newbie" will be forever grateful!  Marcy also loves horses, reads lots of books, watches the Olympics, has two dogs, and enjoys country music!  We have a lot in common! 

She hails from Texas and is a die-hard Texas Tech football fan, as well as a Texas Ranger baseball fan!  She has been teaching for four years, and married since June 2013.

Marcy's ideas are usually no-fuss, easy prep, and targeted toward skills she knows her students really need to work on.  A sheet of paper folded into four sections was the springboard for her lesson on getting her reluctant writers to include more descriptive details, adjectives, and adverbs in their sentences. Simple, effective, and successful describe both the materials needed and the results found  {HERE}.

Recently, March posted this worthwhile NAME FRACTION ACTIVITY that integrated art and children's love of highlighters!  How cool to create a glow-in-the-dark version of your name and then analyze it mathematically?!

My students are currently working on understanding the "how many out of the whole group" concept of fractions, and Marcy's FREEBIE--FIRESIDE FRACTION SCOOT activity really helped them visualize and master it!

Marcy creates many different types of games that appeal to visual and kinesthetic learners who need movement and hands-on experiences to improve their understanding.  This sampler is part of her END OF THE YEAR CAMP MATH REVIEW that can be found 

Marcy is also a huge fan of Instagram and incorporated that technology into her reading unit about Amelia Bedelia and the idioms she gets mixed up about.  Students were asked to choose an idiom from their favorite story and illustrate it as if it were going to be posted to Instagram.

She also did a variety of fun  learning activities for Dr. Seuss' birthday celebration, so be sure to check it out and plan to make Bartholomew's Ooobleck next year!

One of the most recent inspirations I received from Marcy was the plastic tub system she designed for her reading series materials. When I saw her organized shelves and labels, I hopped on over to Target for some of my own.  My district does not use the Journey series, but I had plenty of thematic Daily 5 resources that needed a new home!

I hope that you enjoy SADDLE UP FOR SECOND GRADE as much as I do, and will return to Marcy's blog frequently to read, learn, comment, and enjoy! 
She is also a Jamberry consultant and can provide you with great supplies like these to help you use these wonderful nail wraps! Be sure to her "like" her Facebook page {HERE}.

I thank you for stopping by my site today, and hope you'll stop in again.  In keeping with the spirit of my Texan friend, I've put my Wild West Rhyming Literacy Partner Pack on sale this weekend for only $1.00!  Be sure to lasso this boot scootin' game right up, and follow my store to receive notice when I upload more thematic resources! Until then, happy trails to you!


Continue to share your story, hold a song in your heart, and teach your children well!  


  1. Oh my goodness Jennifer this is awesome! You are so sweet! This just made my whole day. You have been such a loyal follower and I am forever greatful for that. You're review is AMAZING! You really did a great job!

    Marcy Bernethy
    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

    1. It was a pleasure and a privilege to share your blog and your TpT products with others, Marcy! Thanks to you for being your ever-gracious, creative, talented, and helpful self!