It's the seventh day of our new month, and I am finally linking up with 
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Oh'Boy Fourth Grade

There are seventeen minutes until the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics begin, so I must make this short, sweet, and meaningful!  Growing up as a Dorothy Hamill wannabe and Peggy Fleming figure skating fan, I am all about tuning in to the pageantry and patriotism that is the Parade of Nations!

As I head off to make my popcorn and settle on my couch to enjoy the spirit and the spectacle, I leave you with these reflections.......


If you guessed the "fib" as me being a domestic goddess you get five gold stars!  I am not.  I am not even close.  I have had 12 snow/cold days throughout the month of January and beginning of February, so my condo should be immaculate.  But it is not.  Progress reports and writing diagnostic scores were due on Tuesday, and therefore my home sort of looks like a blizzard of piles and papers hit it.  I plan to "shovel out" tomorrow.  

I truthfully do want to see The Lego Movie though!  So does my almost 24-year-old son!  He and I built MANY masterpieces together as he was growing up, and I spent many December days trekking from store-to-store to find the ever elusive set that Santa needed to deliver for Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by my "baby blog!"  As always, feel free to leave a comment or two!  I'd love to know "two truths and a fib" about you!



  1. 12 snow days! We've certainly had our share too. Love the domestic goddess comment. :) Hope your daughter is successful with the auditions!
    Little Room Under the Stairs

    1. Thanks for your good wishes! She just texted and said she received 13 callbacks and really liked a year-round theater in Charleston, SC! Fingers crossed!