THANK GOODNESS IT'S FREE LINK-UP! my excitement to get my two winter FREEBIES linked up with my friend and fellow blogger Nancy Alvarez over at Teaching With Nancy, I hit some evil button on my laptop that deleted all of this morning's hard work! 


Grrrrrr!   Sometimes I have the worst luck with technology, and then other times I have flashes of brilliance.  Sadly, today was not one of those shining moments! Therefore, this post is much shorter than originally planned.  The collection of snow-themed picture and chapter books that I wanted to include will just have to wait for this weekend, so please be sure you follow me on Bloglovin or by e-mail so that you can check back in!

Since I am probably returning to school tomorrow, I must step away from my laptop now and finish printing, laminating, and cutting the materials I will need to keep my energetic second graders (who have been snowbound for the past four days) enthralled and enchanted!

Before I do that though, I want to share two thematic writing units with you! If you've also been living in a "winter polar vortex" this week, I hope you'll be able to use the prompt and word work pages to inspire your students to create sensational stories about their experiences in the snow!  If you live and teach where warm, balmy breezes are blowing, maybe your class would like to "imagine" what walking and playing in a winter wonderland would be like?!

My college-age daughter, who is  still home on holiday break and has oodles of tech savviness, helped me load the files to Google Docs, so be grateful for her!  I am learning my way around the blogosphere bit by bit, and some days I need all the help I can get!  I thank you in advance for your interest in my resources, and suggest that you enjoy some hot cocoa with extra marshmallows while your printing! 

Thanks again!

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