I remember that it was a school day like this one. 

Cold, blustery, and long.  Everyone's mind was not on what we were learning but on how many days until Christmas.  After putting my students on the bus, I sat down at my desk to check Facebook and read e-mails before going home.  A series of sad, horrified posts without any details showed up on my feed.  I immediately searched online news for "Sandy Hook" only to remain frozen in my chair with tears streaming down my face.

Once I regained my composure, I raced home to watch what would become a sorrow-filled and endless marathon of TV news reports.  I texted fellow teachers and asked heartfelt questions like....

"What are we going to tell our students tomorrow?" 
 "Are you scared too?" 
"Can you imagine getting that phone call as a parent?" 
"What was going through that teacher's mind as she hid her children in cupboards to protect them?"

This afternoon I will watch the live stream of the Remembrance Vigil and hold the families of those children, administrators, and fellow educators close in my mind and heart.  I will say a prayer that the world in which we live will become a kinder, gentler place.  I will light one candle for peace and for hope. All those in my profession will continue to serve, reassure, and protect the little ones in my daily care.  It is what we do.....


LIGHT ONE CANDLE by Peter, Paul, and Mary


  1. I was supposed to comment on my best birthday for the giveaway, but that topic just doesn't seem appropriate as we remember Sandy Hook. Your post is very well said.

    1. Thanks for reading and remembering, JWDesigns....
      My sadness continues today with yesterday's news of another high school shooting in Colorado. My heart continues to be heavy..