Those children and adults who know me best understand that I absolutely LOVE language!  Yep.  I am a WORD NERD!  I love the rhythm and rhyme of song lyrics and poems, and use them in my classroom daily to help my students build their sight word vocabulary, recognize familiar spelling patterns in words, develop phonemic awareness skills, expand vocabulary, and improve reading fluency.

I have often created original short poems on chart paper with my student's help during our reading and writing lessons, and am forever using rhyme to give directions, label classroom areas, and get my student's attention.  We don't come to story corner, we come to "Group Soup."  We don't just line up for lunch, we "Get ready to use marshmallow feet to go walking down the hallway street!"  We don't just find writing prompts on the Teacher Table for morning work, we head over to the "Creation Station!"

My penchant for "all things rhymed" is often looked upon with amusement and slight skepticism by my colleagues, but the young children I work with every day seem to love it!   When they repeat after or rhyme along with me, it makes them giggle....but it also makes them listen and learn!  Little do they know that research proves that musical language creates "brain wrinkles" that create memory.  Therefore, I will continue to "see it, say it, sing it, do it, and write it" every day in a Dr. Seuss-like way!

My newest Teacher's Pay Teacher's product is designed with the above philosophy in mind, and is currently on sale through Tuesday!  Rhyming snickerdoodle with poodle was great fun for me, so I hope your students enjoy it as well!  My goal is to figure out how to include a companion eBook/audio Powerpoint with this printable booklet and activity packet, but need to browse some online tech tutorials first!  Please leave a comment if you have any advice!

Enjoy this last day of holiday break, and know that I continue to be
grateful for my small but supportive group of "followers!"

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